The Remarkable Story of Amiyah Scott’s Gender Transition, Career Pursuits and Love Life

“You don’t let anybody dictate how you live your life; you get one life, and it’s yours to live – not society’s, your parents, or anyone else’s decision to tell you how you should live.” These brave words belong to Amiyah Scott. Scott is a well-known American model, makeup artist, and Instagram star.

The transgender lady is also a budding actress and is blazing the trail for the LGBTQ community in Hollywood. The story of how she chose herself and forged a career in the world’s premier entertainment industry has continued to inspire a lot of people.

Amiyah Scott’s Transition Journey Began at 15

Amiyah Scott was named Arthur Scott after he was born on January 11, 1988, in Manhattan, New York City. For the first fifteen years of her life, she grew up male and suffered from gender dysphoria.

While battling that, Amiyah’s adolescent years were also full of bullying, which was mostly because of her effeminate personality. Having identified she suffered from gender dysphoria, she began the courageous move of transitioning.

At 15, she began partial male-to-female transition, taking birth control pills as a form of hormone replacement therapy. When Scott was 17, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and her family was forced to evacuate to Atlanta.

Deciding to milk the chance at a new life that comes with relocating, Amiyah underwent gender reassignment surgery. The decision did not come easy, as she faced resistance from her parents.

Still, with the conviction that inspired the quote above, she moved out of her home and set out to chart a new course of her newly realized freedom. After she left her home and some moments of reflection from her parents, they reconciled, and have been supportive of her journey since then.

She Kicked Off Her Career in the Atlanta Ball Community

Having fully transitioned, Amiyah Scott began participating in the Atlanta underground ballroom scene. For the uninitiated, balls are a mixture of a fashion show and beauty contests. It features different categories, including sex siren (for people with sexy bodies), face (for the most beautiful face), and realness (for those that are passable).

Scott’s unique, exotic, and fresh looks made her a crowd favorite, and she collected many prizes and trophies. Her exploits also led to viral internet fame as the balls were often taped and posted on YouTube. Her online fame further grew when a before-and-after photo of her made it to Instagram. Now an internet celebrity, a path formed for the actress-cum-dancer.

Amiyah Scott did not hesitate to maximize her newly found online fame. She created her Instagram account, where she posted makeup tips as well as sexy pictures of herself. She subsequently developed a large online following, becoming the first transgender model to amass a large social media following.

This status led to her first onscreen opportunity, a place on Bravo’s hit reality series, Real Housewives of Atlanta, in 2015. However, despite filming for four weeks, none of her scenes ever aired as a result of a fall out between her and the show’s producers. They reportedly disagreed over her portrayal on the show.

After her short-lived time on the show, she made history in 2016 when the filmmaker, Lee Daniels, cast her in the TV show, Star. She played Cotton, a non-trans character, becoming the first transgender woman to achieve the feat. She starred in all 48 episodes of the Fox musical drama.

Amiyah Has Used Her Platform for LGBTQ Activism

Since Fox canceled the show in 2019, Amiyah is yet to bring another character to life in other projects. However, while the world waits for her next acting appearance, she has not stayed quiet. Blessed with a platform and a courageous voice, Scott has been a vocal activist for transgender people and other members of the LGBTQ community.

Amiyah Scott is a thriving motivational speaker and activist who specializes in promoting self-acceptance, self-esteem, and deriding the culture of bullying, often faced by members of her community. She has received recognition from the Gay & Lesbian Association Against Defamation (GLAAD) for her work in the US South, where discrimination against her and others are still high. Her work earned her the Rising Star Award from GLAAD Atlanta in November 2018.

The actress has also not hesitated to wade into politics. She has leveraged on her platform, alongside other notable names like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock, to criticize national policies by the Trump administration designed to hurt LGBTQ people.

She Is Also a Published Author and a Beauty Entrepreneur

The actress is a multitasker. When she is not educating people and posting clap backs against discriminatory narratives, she runs and maintains a beauty line called Amiyah Beauty. She launched the cosmetic line in August 2019 in partnership with the online store, RivalWorld. The first product under her line is a lip gloss called Galactical Gloss, designed to be perfect for all genders.

Amiyah Scott is also a published author. With plenty of stories to tell, she wrote and released her first book, Memoirs of a Mermaid, on March 31, 2019. She announced writing the book in May 2018, intending to detail her journey and the challenges she has faced.

The activist published the book under Fideli Publishing. Aside from her book and beauty line, she has a foundation known as Transgender Empowerment of America.

Amiyah Scott Once Dated Social Media Personality, Micah Dixon

Amiyah Scott has never been married, but she once stated in an interview that she had had encounters with high profile men. The media personality declined to name names to protect their identities.

There was a time the actress was romantically linked with fellow social media star, Micah Dixon. He is quite popular on Instagram where he posts fashion and modeling content. He has also been photographed with celebrities such as Rihanna. Scott and Dixon reportedly dated between 2017 and 2018.

During that period, they often attended red carpet events together and posted pictures of each other on their respective handles. They are no longer together and it’s hard to tell what drove them apart.

Before her relationship with Micah, Amiyah was believed to be in a relationship with the hairstylist, Kellon Deryck. They made their only major appearance together on her unaired scenes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to various reports, the relationship was fake as they were never actually together.

Fact Check: Did She Play Any Role in Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Divorce?

Back in 2014, Amiyah Scott became the subject of a rumor alleging she had an affair with the hip hop rapper, Wiz Khalifa. The rumor claimed the model contributed to Amber Rose and Wiz’s separation as she was caught in bed with the rapper.

There is no truth to that story, whatsoever. Neither Wiz nor Amber confirmed the story or made any comment that can be alluded to that. It is completely false and we have traced the source of the story to, a site that takes pride in upholding they do not need to fact check their stories as they are always satirical and fictional.

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