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In the recent times, the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book or video game especially from the Japanese genres of manga or anime has earned unimaginable fortune and fame for many creative costume designers popular known as cosplayers or character entertainers. Amouranth who was born as Kaityln Siragusa, has gained prominence across the globe following her works as a costume designer, character entertainer, and model.

As a young artist who has a special ardor for art and gaming, Amouranth is a renowned Twitch Streamer who has assembled over 700,000 Twitch followers since 2016 she started streaming. A firm believer in following her dreams and doing what she loves for a living, the character entertainer is one of the blessed few who have succeeded in building quite a thriving career out of their favorite hobby. In addition to that, her creations have earned her awards which have helped her to gain international recognition.

Amouranth Biography

The famous Twitch streamer was born as Kaitlyn Siragusa in Houston, Texas, United States of America on the 2nd of December 1993. Amouranth has not revealed any information concerning her parents, siblings, and education to the public. In 2010, she started her cosplay career by creating unique costume design by herself but along the line, her creative designs caught the attention of the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet that later gave her the opportunity to utilise her special talent to design exceptional costumes for them.

In a hunt to boost her creative skills, Amouranth began going for conventions which helped her to learn how to combine her love of art and all things geek. Since then, she has gone ahead to welcome challenging designs with open arms and has not shied away from diving into completely new territory that would develop her skills.

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With so much hard work and belief in herself, Amouranth launched her company which has grown into a well-known character company for children’s entertainment called A Charmed Affair in 2015. She has moved on to achieve a flourishing career since the debut of her company. In spite of the time and work it takes the skilled cosplayer to run her entertainment business, she strives to retain the standard of her creativity along with preserving the fun that initially prompted her to pursue a career in cosplay.

As a Twitch streamer, Amouranth has gathered huge followers surpassing 700,000 as a result of her sexy cosplay. She additionally operates a Patreon account with over 1000 Patrons, where she sells Not Safe For Work (NSFW) contents and often receive payments from users to find her work.

Is She Married?

Amouranth’s relationship status has been somewhat confusing as she has not revealed whether or not she’s married. Following the revelation of her marriage to a man named Nick Lee on the 15th of June, 2018, the freelance model has remained tight-lipped over her marital status. However, a YouTuber claimed that Amouranth preferred to be quoting herself single in order to have her patrons assume that they might have a romantic chance with her.

The famous character entertainer has also been previously linked to Matt Barr whom she was reported to be dating. With all the rumors surrounding her love life, Amouranth has not confirmed any of them to be true and as a result of that, her relationship status is yet unknown.

Facts You Need To Know

1. Amouranth has cited Yaha Han, a Chinese-American cosplayer and costume designer as her source of inspiration. The Twitch streamer had the privilege of meeting Han at the 2016 Twitch Convention.

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2. The character entertainer has attended several conventions as a cosplay guest throughout the course of her career and they include Wizard World-Austin in 2015, Twitch Convention in 2016 and Delta-H-Con from 2013 to 2015.

Amouranth at the 2016 Twitch Convention

3. She has appeared on several TV shows since the unveiling of her company such as The Little Couple on Discovery Network alongside featuring on local news stations.

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4. Amouranth has a special interest in arts and costume designing which has helped her to learn how to work with a variety of crafting materials like Worbla and resins. Her genres of costumes include Misty from Pokemon, Peter Pan, and others.

5. The famous cosplayer possesses a well-maintained stunning figure which is a good match for her height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m).

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