Highlights on How Amouranth Harnessed Twitch To Become Famous and Fun Facts On Her Personal Life

The act of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially from the Japanese genres of manga or anime is known as cosplay. In recent years, it has grown in popularity and earned unimaginable fortune and fame for many creative costume designers known as cosplayers. Kaitlyn Siragusa, popularly known as Amouranth, has managed to gain a robust fan base in this career path, with Twitch being a primary driver of her fame.

Since 2016, she has assembled over 700,000 Twitch followers and her activities have drawn attention from major media outlets. Her journey to fame is just as fascinating as what she has done with it and this has also spilt into her personal life, where thousands of men have become vocal admirers.

Amouranth’s Cosplaying Career Began As A Self-taught Costume Designer

The famous Twitch streamer was born as Kaitlyn Siragusa in Houston, Texas, on December 2, 1993. Other personal background information about her remains unknown. In 2010, she started her cosplay career by creating unique costume designs by herself.

Along the line, her creative designs caught the attention of the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet. Both allowed her to utilize her talent to design amazing costumes as a member of their costume department. In a hunt to boost her creative skills, Amouranth began going for conventions which helped her to learn how to combine her love for art and all things geek.

With a personal interest in Pokemon and Disney, she designed costumes based on their characters and attended various nerd conventions. She attended Stan Lee’s ComicCon, ComicPalooza, and Wizard World.

Amouranth first gained recognition for her realistic costumes: image source

Impressed by the attention her creations got, she started a company named A Charmed Affair in 2015 for children’s entertainment. She has appeared on several TV shows since the unveiling of her company, like The Little Couple on Discovery Network, alongside other local news stations.

The company has been an enviable success and her creations have graced many birthday parties, Halloween nights, and several children-focused events. However, it was her venture into an online career that transformed her from a successful entrepreneur to an international star.

She Began Her Twitch Career In May 2016

Recognizing the prestigious position of Twitch in the video-streaming industry, Amouranth took to the platform and begun what has both been a successful and controversial journey. Most Twitch users stream video game content exclusively, but the cosplayer opted to distinguish herself.

Although she sometimes plays games like Mario Kart and IRL, she mostly streams ASMR content and having random conversations with viewers. While ‘Just Chatting’, the term for her conversational content is a fair use of the platform, Amouranth uses her sex appeal to gain viewers and attract subscribers and donations.

Despite raising eyebrows, the suggestive nature of her content has proven effective. Since May 2016, she has streamed more than 13 thousand hours of content with over 140 million views, amassing over 1.7 million followers in the process. She also has more than 5,900 active subscribers, of which more than 4,800 are paid subs.

Aside from Twitch, she also has a presence on YouTube, which follows the same pattern of content variety. Her channel, Amouranth, has more than 347 thousand subscribers and over 30 million views.

Amouranth Has Been Banned on Twitch Thrice

Twitch does not allow Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content. This applies to profanity, racial slurs, and sexual content. Amouranth has been able to build digital fame walking a tight rope with the latter, but she has not always been successful.

In September 2019, she received the first of three bans, after she experienced a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ while having a conversation with her viewers and playing with her dog. She exposed herself multiple times, and a captured video of the incident went viral on Reddit and other social platforms.

Twelve hours after the stream, Twitch suspended her account, and reinstated it three days after, presumably after a successful appeal. The platform banned her again in March 2020 after a gym streaming session. The exact cause of the ban remains unknown, but her account returned a couple of days after.

Less than two months after, she received her third ban. Although Twitch has a policy of issuing permanent bans after three temporary bans, Amouranth remains a partner on the platform. Like the second, the exact cause of the third ban is unknown, but a common belief is that the cosplayer accidentally showed a viewer’s inappropriate profile picture during a live broadcast.

She Was Named In A $25 Million Lawsuit Against Twitch

While her cosplaying skills received widespread praise and became a source of stardom, her notorious explicit content strategy has been a prominent part of her cycle of fame. It usually goes thus: Amouranth shares content – she gets banned or criticized – she gets more popular – Amouranth shares more content.

Another significant incident in the cycle came in June 2020 when she got named in a lawsuit against Twitch. Filed by Erik Estavillo, a Twitch user from California, he alleged in the suit that the company exposed him to ‘overly suggestive and sexual content from various female streamers’.

According to the suit, Erik suffers from several medical issues, such as sexual addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which makes the internet his only source of entertainment. He claimed that Twitch’s failure to moderate its platform aggravated his condition. He named Amouranth in the suit, alongside 19 other female streamers.

Erik requested that Twitch bans all the named women, as well as a $25 million compensation to be given to him and other Twitch subscribers who have fallen victim to their actions. The verdict on the suit is yet to be determined.

The Cosplayer Has Made A Lot Of Money From Twitch And Other Online Platforms

Fame is one of two significant by-products of Amouranth’s digital career. The other is a $2 million net worth earned from ads and paying subscribers on YouTube, Twitch, OnlyFans, and Patreon. On Twitch, the platform fueling her fame, she makes a fraction of her earnings through active subscribers, ads, and donations/tips.

Based on Twitch policy, creators make up to 40% on each subscriber, and it can rise to 100%, depending on popularity and individual negotiations. Amouranth reportedly makes 50% on each subscriber.

With over 4,800 active subs as of September 2020 in the $4.99 subscription tier, she earns at least $12,000 per month. Combined with tips and donations, the cosplayer makes an estimated $15,000 per month from the platform.

On YouTube, she makes up to $8.5k per month and $102.2k per year in ad revenue, according to SocialBlade. On her Patreon, where she shares explicit photos for a minimum of $20, she has over 839 monthly subscribers. For $100, fans get up to five full-length NSFW videos of the Twitch streamer.

With such diverse and significant digital revenue, along with her costume company, it is little surprise that the infamous Twitch streamer has a $2 million net worth.

A Rogue Fan Once Launched A False Rumor That She Was Married

Thanks to the degree of sexual attention she creates and receives, Amouranth’s personal life is one of many hot debates about her. For her, appearing single is a crucial element of her digital personality. While she mostly succeeds, sometimes she has failed. Or so it seemed.

In 2018, a viral rumour from a leaked conversation with a Twitch.tv moderator, the cosplayer appeared to confirm that she was married and had hidden the fact to maintain the illusion she was available. Rightfully, the conversation sparked outrage among her fans who accused her of being fake.

However, in August 2020, during a podcast with other female streamers, while addressing the prevalence of false rumours about them, Amouranth confirmed that it was all made up. The anonymous poster reached out to her and admitted to starting the whole saga.

But while the world finally knows the truth about her marital status, her relationship status remains another source of rumours and interest.

Amouranth Has Been Linked To Two Men, At Least

Amouranth’s relationship status has been somewhat confusing as she refuses to commit to any fact. As a result, keen observers and fans have sparked rumours based on anecdotes and social media photos. So far, public reports have it that she has dated two men, Nick Lee and Matt Barr.

During the height of her marriage rumour, she was linked to Nick Lee. According to the rumour which started on June 15, 2018, they were married. As we know now, that was never true.

Her stardom and popularity has attracted a few men: image source

The famous cosplayer was also linked to a certain Matt Barr whom she was supposedly dating. The real identity of the named man is known, although there is a renowned Matt Barr, a star on the CBS show, Blood & Treasure. So far, there is no evidence that Amouranth and the actor, or a Matt Barr, dated.


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