Amy Johnston Bio – Is She Married? Here are All The Facts You Need To Know

It is well known that many actors would rather use a stunt double to perform a high tasking scene than actually do it themselves. This could be due to a lack of health or training to actually perform the task. In some cases, actors are even contractually obligated not to perform these stunts, giving room for others to make a living as a stunt person. One person who has been able to make a living by doing such scenes in place of an actor is Amy Johnston.

The actress, martial artist, and stunt woman is best known for being the double for Scarlett Johansson when she was playing the character of Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Amy Johnston Biography

Amy Johnston was born on the 5th of February, 1990 in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California. She was, however, raised in Wyoming where she grew up training in martial arts. Her father, David Johnston, was a former World Kickboxing Association professional kickboxing champion and was also her first martial arts teacher.

Johnston began to take martial arts serious at the age of 6, learning her father’s “progressive style” which was a mix of Kenpo, taekwondo, kung fu, kickboxing, and arnis. She has mentioned Michelle Yeoh, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee as inspirations for her career path.

Little else is known about Amy’s background. Outside of the big influence her father had in shaping her future, she has shared little else about her earlier life.

Is She Married?

Amy Johnston
Amy and fiancé, Zac (Image Source: Instagram)

On the 10th of November, 2017, Amy Johnston got engaged to her boyfriend Zac Morris. She announced her engagement on Instagram by sharing a photo of the couple together with a caption that talked about her being the luckiest girl in the world.

It is not clear how the couple met each other or when exactly they began dating. But going by another Instagram post in January 2019 when Johnston was celebrating her 10-year anniversary with Morris, it has been postulated that their relationship began in 2009.

Others Facts You Need To Know

She Has Several Acting Credits to Her Name

Besides her stunt work in movies like Deadpool; Deadpool 2; Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Suicide Squad and even series’ like Lucifer; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Amy Johnston has had starring and supporting roles in several movies. Some of these are Accident Man (2018, as Jane The Ripper); Breaking Barbi (2018, as Jessica); Lady Bloodfight (2016, as Jane) and Female Fight Squad (2016 as Rebecca/Bec/Bex) among others.

She Plays the Lead in A 2019 Movie

Amy Johnston is set to appear as the lead actor in the movie Paloma’s Flight, scheduled to be released on the 19th of September, 2019. The movie, which is directed by five-time Emmy award-winning director, Lee Stanley, follows the life of photo-journalist Paloma Ramirez who loses her husband, a U.S. Navy Seal in a raid gone wrong in Afghanistan. Despite the loss, she decides to fulfill their life-long dream of capturing the spirit of the people and adventures of exotic Mexico.

She Has Won Martial Arts Competitions

Johnston started studying martial arts from an early age under the tutelage of her father. Over her young life, she has won several first place and Grand Champion awards in fighting and forms all over the USA. She was also invited to perform at the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Extravaganza for Kung Fu Magazine.

Her Father Was a World Champion

As mentioned above, Amy Johnston’s father, Dave Johnston, is a 5-time world champion kickboxer of the World Kickboxing Association championship. It’s no wonder that’s she very proficient with several martial art styles.

She Has Starred in Video Games

After having performed as a stunt-woman in various movies, Amy Johnston has now decided to take her talents to the video gaming world, where she has voiced some characters and her image has been used to create others. Some of these games include Uncharted: The Lost Legacy; Rise of the Tomb Raider; Shadow of the Tomb and Spider-Man PS4.

She’s an Author

Amy Johnston wrote the book; How to Stunt in Hollywood. It contains several interviews with other Hollywood stunt-people and is a guide to help those looking to find their way and become a stunt person in the movie industry.

Body Measurements

Amy Johnston has a height of 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) and weighs about 52.1kg (115lbs). The blue eye colored actress further has body measurements of 34-24-35 inches.

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