Open Secrets of How Amy Poehler Balances Her Busy Career With Dating and Motherhood

Amy Poehler is an American actress and comedian best known for starring as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation (2009-2015), Baby Mama (2008), and Are You Here (2013). She was also a longtime cast member of the NBC comedy series Saturday Night Live (2001-2008). She is an award winner of Golden Globes and Emmys, making her one of the most accomplished women in Hollywood.

But it hasn’t been a smooth ride for the comedian/actress. Like most women, Amy Poehler has had to find a balance between her career, love life, and motherhood. Just like her career, she has been more successful at it than most, and here is how she made it happen.

Amy Poehler Has Been Working for More Than Two Decades

Amy Poehler has been working as an actress since she was a child, considering she was 10 when she starred in her school’s production of The Wizard of Oz. However, officially, as a professional, that journey began in 1996, three years after graduating from Boston College with a degree in Media and Communications.

She started her comedy career as part of the improv group, The Upright Citizens Brigade. From performing in live shows and comedy clubs, she began making appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, playing the recurring role of Andy Richter’s sister, Stacy.

Amy Poehler
Amy Poehler during her UCB days: image source

This seemingly small beginning has ballooned to a career with international recognition. Of the group of comedians during her time at UCB, she is one of the most accomplished, with over 91 movies and TV shows to her name. Some of them include Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, Baby Mama, and Inside Out.

Her filmography puts her yearly appearances in a movie or TV show, at approximately four projects per year, since 1996. With the added fact the majority of her work is high quality, earning her up to 92 award nominations, there is no doubt Amy Poehler has had a busy career.

One of Hollywood’s Most Influential Filmmakers

Aside from acting, for which she is most renowned, Amy is also a TV host and a producer. She runs Paper Kite Productions, which she founded in 2001. Under the production company, Amy has created long-running shows like Difficult People, Broad City, and The Mighty B!

As a producer, Amy has twenty-four titles to her name. She has also written for and on eighteen projects and directed five works. She is also a published author of Yes, Please, a memoir that detailed her life and career. The book debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

It is a resume that makes her one of the busiest women in the industry, on and offscreen. It is also enough to paralyze most people, affecting their family and personal life. Yet, Amy Poehler is thriving.

How She Balances Motherhood: It Takes a Village

Amy Poehler
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Thanks to a marriage with fellow comedian and actor, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler is a mother to two children. She has two sons, Archie, born in October 2008, and Abel, born in August 2010. The relationship and subsequent marriage to Will began in 2000, four years after they met each other for the first time.

Amy and Will Arnett dated for three years before they married in August 2003 and started a family. They enjoyed a blissful marriage until 2012, when they announced their separation, before completing their divorce in 2014.

No one knows how much of her career played a part in the couple’s divorce. But while marriage can end, motherhood is a role of a lifetime. It is a time-consuming role that leaves little room for other endeavors. However, Amy Poehler’s career has only revved up ever since. For instance, she started one of her most iconic roles, Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation, three months after the birth of her first child.

The secret? Nannies and friends. According to Amy in her best-selling book, Yes, Please, she credits nannies and friends for helping her in keeping a tight handle on her professional life while they look after her children. Amy acknowledged the contributions of nannies and friends in helping her balance motherhood in defiance of a popular narrative that women who have professional lives, do so alone.

With their help, Amy Poehler can and has invested in both aspects of her life, giving it her full attention and allowing her to reach the apex of each experience. Amy lives in her Los Angeles home with her children, where she takes them on family activities like ‘moon-hunting.’

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Post-Divorce, Amy Poehler Has Had a Semi-Quiet Dating Life

Amy Poehler
Amy and ex-boyfriend Nick Kroll image source

When you are a busy actress and film/TV producer, with two children to raise, there is usually very little time to nurture a romantic relationship with someone else. However, thanks to her industriousness and her reliable support system, Amy Poehler has been able to dive into the dating scene post-divorce.

After her separation from Will Arnett, Amy began a relationship with Nick Kroll, an established Hollywood comedian known for Big Mouth. The affair started in 2013 and ended in 2015. Despite the cordial nature of their relationship, their conflicting schedules meant they spent more time apart than they did together.

In another attempt at giving love a shot, Amy Poehler began a relationship with a New York City-based attorney, Benjamin Graf. The romance started in 2016 and ended after two years in 2018. The cause? Although never officially established, their conflicting schedules. When her romance with Graf was ending was when her ex Nick Kroll began dating landscape artist Lily Kwong whom he moved in with at the start of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Since the relationship ended, Amy Poehler has had an even quieter personal life. Although a few enthusiastic fans have linked her to Nick Offerman, her Parks and Rec co-star, the two have remained friends, as they have always been.

At the moment, all evidence suggests the Inside Out star is single. The actress’s busy life had made it challenging to balance her love and professional life with motherhood. But with the actress kicking ass at two out of three things? She is winning.

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