Amy Reimann – Bio, Age, Facts About Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Wife

Amy Reimann gained major fame when she got engaged and married to famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. But before she joined the NASCAR world through her husband, she used to be married to Kentucky defensive line instructor Tommy Cook.

Notably, Amy is more than just a beautiful face. She’s a former college cheerleader and began her professional life as a project coordinator at Wakefield Beasley & Associates, a private architecture and planning firm. She is currently a successful interior designer serving as Director of Charlotte Studio at the Micamy Design Studio.

Amy Reimann’s Early Life

Amy Reimann was born on the 25th of March, 1982 in Texas, USA. She spent a major part of her childhood growing up there with her sister and parents, Jeffrey and Anna Reimann. While there is not much information on her early education, it’s a well-known fact she entered the University of Kentucky in 2000. She was a cheerleader and a member of Wildcat Dancers while in the university. In 2005, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design.

After graduating from college, she joined architecture firm Wakefield Beasley & Associates as a Project Coordinator for Interiors. She spent the next few years working with the firm on different projects. Each completed project helped her garner experience and develop her skill set. When the opportunity showed itself, she left Wakefield Beasley & Associates to take her career to newer heights.

Amy joined Micamy Design Studio in 2010 as Director of Charlotte Studio, opening a new door of opportunities for her. She went through projects given to her with success, thanks to her unique talent. With her abilities, she’s expected to undertake and successfully complete even more projects in the future.

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Amy Reimann has also appeared in a Mountain Dew advertisement. The beautiful blonde is regularly seen with a bright smile on her face whenever she poses for pictures. She’s a very private person however, and this has resulted in little of her personal life being known by the public.

Other Interesting Details About Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Wife

Marriage to Dale Earnhardt Jr

Amy Reimann
Amy and husband Dale

Amy Reimann got married to former University of Kentucky wide receiver Tommy Cook in 2008. They met in college and began their relationship. Their love blossomed and after they graduated, they got married. However, the marriage didn’t last long, and shortly afterwards, they got a divorce.

Amy then met current husband Dale Earnhardt Jr. when she was hired to design the interior of his house. After their first meeting, they began to date each other. This happened while Amy was still in her previous marriage, as sources have said. Amy and Dale first appeared together on the 2nd of December 2011, at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champions Week Awards Ceremony in Nevada.

In June 2015, the couple announced their engagement. On the 31st of December 2016, they officially got married at Childress Vineyards of Lexington, North Carolina. They have no children yet, but the couple still lives happily together so that can change anytime soon.

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The controversies surrounding the interior designer border on how she got to meet her husband and ended up marrying him. Sources say while Amy Reimann was married to Tommy Cook, she began having an affair with the NASCAR driver who later became her second husband. Cook’s best man and friend Bo Mallette corroborated this, and Tommy Cook Sr., father to Amy’s ex-husband has also gone on record to confirm what the best man said. He condemned Amy’s infidelity but also said that his son has moved on from what happened.

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Height and body measurements

Amy Reimann is 5 ft 6 in or 167.64 cm. It’s an average height that she walks in comfortably. There is no confirmation on her weight. Her bust size is 34 inches, waist 26 inches and hips 35 inches. She has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Amy Reimann’s net worth

The net worth of the professional interior designer has not been made public. It is safe to assume that it would be a few million dollars because she has had a successful career since she graduated. Going by the amount an average interior designer earns yearly as salary, it can be concluded that she earns at least $50k yearly. Her husband has a huge net worth, however, thanks to his professional racing career. His figure is estimated to be $225 million.

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