Scientists hope that an injection may soon be able to stop paedophiles from abusing children. These experts who are from Sweden believe that by harnessing a drug which halts the brain from producing testosterone, they will be able to combat hyper-sexuality and aggression, effectively turning off the need to seek out sexual contact with youngsters.

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The drug is named degaralix and is currently being tested on five Swedish men who had called into a sexual offenders helpline being concerned about paedophilic inclinations. The scientists who look to expand the trial to 60 men, launched a crowdfunding project to source for the funds they need for what can be viewed as a controversial research.

Stop Paedophiles

Dr Christopher Rahm who is one of the scientists involved, explains the reasoning behind this research to stop paedophiles beforehand as such; “Up until now, most of the attention has been trying to deal with perpetrators by the police but by this stage, children have already been harmed. With this research project, I want to shift focus and explore methods of preventing child sexual abuse from happening in the first place…What is relatively unknown is that a substantial number of patients with paedophilic disorder actually want help.”

Drugs which have been used before attempts to chemically castrate sexual offenders but this can only happen after the abuse has taken place and it had serious side effects from mood swings to breast growth and bone thinning. This new treatment would however stop the crime on it’s heels, that is if men who feel the inclination, opt to go for the treatment. The research team also hopes to be able to identify biomarkers which would indicate if a person is prone to pedophilia.

Stop Paedophilia

The proposed drug is a hormone treatment that is currently used to treat prostrate cancer and has been shown to block brain signals which stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone. Initial trials showed men after three days having no detectable levels of testosterone and seeing drops in risk for abusing children to have dropped significantly in two weeks. The risk was measured in one way by scanning brains for sexual arousal while the men looked at computer-generated images of scantily clad children. The effect of the drug should last for three months and another injection could be given afterwards if sexually inappropriate behavior and thoughts returned.

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