Andile Ncube Biography: South African TV Personality and Producer

Andile Ncube is a South African television personality and CEO of Blackface Media in Johannesburg. He is noted for serving as a sportscaster during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and hosting the Mzansi Friday Night LIVE music showcase. He also anchored the 2014 edition of X-Factor titled Young, Famous & African as well as the Nedbank Kenya talent search.

Summary of Andile Ncube’s Bio

  • Full Name: Andile Ncube
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 4th October 1981
  • Andile Ncube’s Age: 42 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Andile Ncube’s Ex-wife: Ayanda Thabethe
  • Andile Ncube’s Children: 2
  • Andile Ncube’s Siblings: Sabelo Ncube (brother) and Sisi Shirelle (sister)
  • Andile Ncube’s Net Worth: $1.5 million
  • Famous for: Being a TV Personality
  • Instagram: abdilencube
  • Twitter: @andileNcube
  • Facebook: Andile Ncube

Andile Ncube is South African of Zulu Heritage

Andile Ncube was born on October 4, 1981, in Gauteng province, Johannesburg, South Africa. Although his surname, Ncube, is one that is more prevalent in Zimbabwe, Andile is a South African national and is a member of the Zulu ethnic group.

The identity of his parents is not public knowledge but it is known that he spent most of his early years in Gauteng province with his family. He has a brother named Sabelo Ncube and a sister named Sisi Shirelle who is a popular South African model.

When Andile was 12 years old, his parents’ marriage ended in a divorce. This turn of events meant that the later years of his childhood were spent with his mother and siblings. More so, the 54-year-old had a rather unusual educational journey during his early years as he was a student of 7 different unidentified primary schools in South Africa before he eventually settled in Joburg.

However, he had always nursed journalism ambitions and he made the decision to join Pretoria Technikon to achieve this dream. One year at the institute evidently satisfied Andile’s quest for knowledge which prompted him to move on to AFDA in Cape Town to study Film and Drama.

Andile Ncube Began His Journalism Career While He was Still at AFDA

Andile was presented with an opportunity to actually live his dream when he was still a student at AFDA. This chance arrived from SABC 1 when they asked him to host their music show titled One in 2003. Ncube was privileged to work with the station’s top presenters, including Phuti Khomo, Bianca LeGrange, Claire Mawisa, and Ntombi Ngcobo Mzolo. This exposure to different hosting skills and styles helped the young Andile to fine-tune his own abilities.

It didn’t take long for SABC to realize the huge potential and finesse that Andile had added to the show and it convinced them to take the show LIVE. However, a few months later, he left his position on the music show to become the host of Soccer 411 on SABC sport. In addition to that responsibility, he was also saddled with the responsibility of hosting Laduma television shows.

The passion and skill exhibited by Andile brought him to the notice of Urban Brew production house in 2008. That same year, he progressed to the position of executive producer of the show. His love for sports also gained him the opportunity to be a sports broadcaster during the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa.

Other Presenting Jobs and TV Appearances

Ncube’s glittering career has seen him present Vuyani Mzansi for SABC 2. He also appeared in the 2010 edition of Young, Famous, and African.

Andile’s biggest role on television eventually came in 2014 when he started hosting the South African version of the globally renowned reality TV competition, X-Factor on SABC 1. The show began airing LIVE on September 6, 2014 and has since had 7 seasons. Andile continues to serve as a link between the LIVE audience, participants, TV viewers, and the judges of the show.

While believing he could achieve anything in showbiz, Andile even went as far as attempting to join the entertainment industry. He made moves to become a singer and an actor. However, his acting and singing careers didn’t quite get off the ground because he only appeared in a handful of short films and released about 3 songs. Below is a list of the shows he has appeared on as an actor.

Recap of Andile TV Roles

  • City Ses’la – Season 1 as DJ Mphosa
  • Zaziwa – Season 1 as Himself
  • Live AMP – Season 7 as Host
  • The Search: E! Host South Africa – Season 1 as Host
  • The X-Factor South Africa as Host

The Songs Credited to Him Include

  • Freestyle
  • I Am Not A DJ
  • Sing For You

Since he didn’t do as well as he might have liked as an actor or as a singer, those ambitions were laid to rest to focus more on his career on LIVE Television.

Does He Have any Awards to His Name?

Andile Ncube is, by all means, a notable media personality in South Africa who has showcased quality hosting abilities on LIVE TV and on diverse platforms. However, there are no public records of any awards to his name as of now but it would definitely not stay that way for too long.

Andile Ncube’s Net Worth is Estimated at $1.5 Million

Andile Ncube has utilized his time on television to great effect. He has become one of the most successful and sought-after TV presenters in South Africa today. His wealth of experience and skill has been quite impressive over the years.

It hereby does not come as a surprise that he is estimated to have a healthy net worth of $1.5 million. In fact, not many people in the industry or out of it, in South Africa, can boast of such an impressive sum.

The Presenter Has Courted Controversies

Work-wise, Andile may have presented a professional front that has been relatively free of scandal or controversy, but his personal life is something else entirely. He has been in relationships that ended because of rumors.

One such scandal occurred during his two-year marriage to actress and model Ayanda Thabethe. The media personality was accused of having a gay affair with Sunday World Journalist, Theo Nyhaba. The person responsible for this claim further tweeted that Andile’s sexuality was the reason his marriage to Ayanda ended.

When she saw the tweet, Ayanda came out with a tweet that essentially branded the information as outrageous and false. Andile didn’t deem the tweet worthy of a response and those rumors soon dissipated as Andile has subsequently been in further relationships with other women after his split from Thabethe.

Andile Ncube Has an Active Social Media Account

The TV personality is quite active on Instagram with the handle @andilencube. His contents online include everyday experiences with his son, daughter, and stepdaughter. It also shows images and videos of him doing his work in the studio.

Andile periodically posts pictures from events he attends such as when he was invited to a friend’s wedding. So far, has made over 500 posts and has gathered over 160k followers. He follows up to 200 people.

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