Who Is Andrea Constand, Is She Married and What Is Her Connection With Bill Cosby?

Many people got sexually molested but could not voice out due to the stigma victims suffer and what will become of them thereafter. Very few of the victims danm every consequence to seek justice and bring the perpetrator to the book, like Andrea Constand. She never got any media buzz, not until her friend cum molester; Bill Cosby brought her to media attention following the former’s sexual assault suit against the later in March of 2005. Despite $3.38 million coughed out from Cosby, the matter still lingered till 2018 when Cosby was finally sentenced to prison.

In this article, you will get to know a lot about Andrea Constand, her sexuality, and who her partner is.

Brief Biography

April 11, 1973, saw the birth of Andrea Erminia Constand in Toronto to Andy Constand (father) and Gianna Constand (mother). She has a sister named Diana Constand Parsons whom she grew up with. Her family is Caucasian.

She attended Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute in Toronto. While in the Collegiate Institute, Andrea exceptionally good with her studies as well as in basketball. Following her sheer brilliance in hoops, she earned a scholarship to play basketball with the Wildcats of the University of Arizona. With the Wildcats, Andrea Constand became instrumental in the team’s triumph at the National Invitation Tournament. Determined to make a living out of basketball, she worked hard and played for Canada’s Women’s National Basketball team.

By the time her basketball career ended on the court, Andrea began serving as the director of the women basketball team at Philadelphia’s Temple University, a position she held from 2001 till 2004. Andrea currently works as a self-employed massage therapist.

Does She Have a Husband?

As stated above, until now, Andrea Constand is very secretive when it comes to her relationships. She is yet to be linked to any woman or man. She is currently taking her time out to cool off from the litigation between her and Bill Cosby which landed the latter 3-10 years imprisonment.

Is Andrea Constand Gay or Lesbian?

Andrea Constand has never disclosed her sexuality to anyone, the first time her name made headlines was in her case against Bill Cosby. A man who she claimed drugged her and sexually molested her, she has since disclosed her relationship with Bill as just friends and that she thought of him as a fatherly figure and someone who would mentor her. Bill did give her some career advice before the ugly incident.

There has not been any man or woman that have been linked as romantically involved with Andrea. However, rumors have it that she is gay and was in a sexual relationship with a woman during the time of her Cosby’s assault. Nevertheless, the name and identity of the lady has not been made public.

It is usually a common thing for people to allege that celebrities are Gay especially when they are of marriageable age but still single or not in an open sexual relationship. Till Andrea Constand comes out openly to state what her sexuality is, we can only hold our assumptions of her sexuality to ourselves.

Quick Facts About Andrea Constand’s Case Against Bill Cosby

Andrea Constand and Bill Cosby
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First Meeting

The duo first met in November 2002 when Andrea was still the Director of Operations for Temple University’s women’s basketball team. After exchanging pleasantries and introductions, Cosby contacted Andrea’s employer for business matters, thereafter, the duo became close friends and exchanged phone numbers, their relationship blossomed such that Bill Cosby introduced her to many friends in his network and even gave her career advice.

The Assualt

They met a couple of times for dinner in and off restaurants. Things took bad shape in January of 2004 when she went to Cosby’s house in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania after a night out with her friends. She complained to Cosby about being stressed who then gave her three blue pills that would help her relax. However, the pills made her semi-conscious and unable to fight Cosby when he had carnal knowledge of her.

Going Public With The Assualt

On March 31st, 2004, she left her position at Temple University and moved back to Toronto to stay with her mother. Many years passed and in the beginning of 2015, Andrea Constand disclosed the sexual incident to her mum who in turn advised her to file a police report to the Canadian authorities against Cosby. She eventually filed the report on January 22, 2015, giving the police a written statement of the incident which was followed by criminal investigations. The case was eventually dropped when the prosecutor decided not to proceed. 

Further Litigation and Witnesses

On March 8, 2015, Andrea sued Bill with 13 women as a potential witness if the case went to court. Cosby opted to settle out of court by paying an undisclosed amount. However, it was later revealed that Cosby paid $3.38 million. On July 8, 2015, Andrea Constand and her attorney, Dolores Troiani filed a motion to negate the confidentiality agreement.

Cosby’s Trial and Sentencing

On December 30, 2015, Cosby was charged with three second-degree felony counts which the trial took place on June 5, 2017, and the Judge declared a mistrial on June 17, 2017, the mistrial happened as the jury had deliberated the trial for several days, Bill pleaded not guilty with $1 million bail amount. He was however found guilty on April 26, 2018, of three counts of aggravated indecent assault for which he got sentenced to 3-10 years imprisonment.

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