Who is Yasiel Puig’s Wife or Girlfriend – Andrea de la Torre?

There are several ways to attain fame, it could be through one’s occupation, social media, relationship or marriage, and many other ways. For Andrea de la Torre, she became famous as a result of her relationship with the renowned Major League Baseball (MLB) player, Yasiel Puig. Not so much have been made public about her seeing that she is a private person nevertheless, we compiled juicy facts we learned about her in this article.

Who is Yasiel Puig’s Wife or Girlfriend – Andrea de la Torre?

While the details of her birthdate have been kept from the public, we know that she was named Andrea Berenice de la Torre after her birth. Andrea lived a quiet life until she began dating the MLB star, Yasiel Puig in 2014. The two have been bound by love since their first meeting and are currently parents to a beautiful baby boy, Nicole Chaves; who was born by the player’s ex-girlfriend, Nicole Chaves and their two sons.

Likewise, Andrea has been quite schtum about the details of her family, but it is a known fact that her two brothers Edgar de la Torre and Diego de la Torre are very dear to her. They have often shared moments together with pictures of such family times on Andrea de la Torre’s Instagram handle.

Andrea de la Torre’s Relationship Life

Most of Yasiel Puig’s fans know that Andrea de la Torre has been the woman behind his smiles as she often shows up at most of his games, playing as his number one fan. She has become his support system both as a partner and during his games and was a spear-head in the WAG’s Dodgers players clique. Andrea’s role with the WAG’s pulled her more to the limelight as she once uploaded a picture of her wearing a baseball cap signed by Babe Ruth in 1939. She is quite adventurous.

Andrea de la Torre and Family
Andrea de la Torre and Family

Andrea de la Torre’ relationship with Yasiel started in 2014. There are no certain records showing how they met or the precise date they decided to become an item. However, there are no doubts that the two have waxed stronger in love. Andrea and Yasiel are biological parents to two adorable boys, Daniel Sebastian Puig born on the 2nd of February 2017. While their second son, Damian Yair Puig was born on the 28th day in the month of January 2018.

No one knows exactly if Andrea has been in past relationships before Yasiel, howbeit, the MLB player was once in a heavily publicized relationship with a lady named Nicole Chaves. The two had a baby boy named Rafael Chaves. Rafel was born sometime in December 2013. Nicole and Yasiel called off their relationship on the basis of infidelity.

Facts About Yasiel Puig, The MLB Star

While Andrea de la Torre’s birth details are still very much a mystery, the MLB player is from Cuba. He started his career playing for the Cuban Junior National Baseball Team where he set some outstanding records as well as winning a bronze medal for his efforts. Yasiel continually rose to greater heights in his sports career but had a setback after attempting to join the United States National League Baseball team. This also led to his exemption throughout the 2012 MLB season.

Yasiel Puig pushed harder and eventually made the cut with the LA Dodgers for a contract worth $42 million spanning a period of 7years. Yes, he started with the minor league but his consistency and improvements with practice pulled him up the ladder of success. Then, on the 3rd day in the month of June 2013, he made his debut in the major league. That period, his games were mostly with ties but he also set other outstanding records and emerging as the National League Rookie of the Month and the National League Player of the Month.

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Other Facts About Andrea de la Torre You Should Know

  • The couple is somewhat dramatic with the details of their sons. Well, they told the world about the sex of their second son by pulling a stint in August 2018 at the Dodgers stadium.
  • Andrea de la Torre is a statuesque, queenly lady who is quite classy and a fashionista.
  • She carries a weight of 60Kg and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. It is believed that she measures 34-25-34 inches for her waist, bust and hip sizes respectively.
  • Though Andrea de la Torre’s current age is not known, she has maintained a flawless appearance.
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