What Happened To Andrew Dice & Why Was His Comedy Series Cancelled?

Controversial, abrasive, and outrageous; these are just a few of the words that is associated with Andrew Dice and the reason is not farfetched. The American comic first rose to fame in the late 80s thanks to the Diceman; his leather-wearing, chain-smoking, tough-guy persona who had a preference for offensive jokes. Ironically, it was this same persona, which helped Dice record several achievements, that would also be his downfall as society’s perceptions of offensive jokes evolved. Andrew Dice later made a comeback which included a comedy series on Showtime. Learn why the show was canceled below.

Humble Beginnings

Before he was the swashbuckling guy who pissed off a lot of women and gay people, Andrew Dice, whose real name is Andrew Clay Silverstein, was just a Jewish boy who was born on the 29th of September 1957 in New York City. His father was a realtor and pugilist named Fred while his mother’s name was Jacqueline. The comic also has a sister named Natalie whom he has described as “the bestest person in the world”. Dice grew up in Brooklyn and started entertaining his family with jokes as a child. He subsequently played the drums for several groups but returned to comedy when his musical ambitions fell through.

Andrew Dice made his stand-up debut at a comedy club in his local neighbourhood, Sheepshead Bay, in 1978. He subsequently relocated to Los Angeles in the 80s and became a big hit thanks to his Diceman persona. His fame fetched him several roles in popular films such as Making the Grade and Pretty in Pink. His two comedy albums, Dice and The Day Laughter Died, were also successful with the former selling 500,000 copies. The pinnacle of Dice’s career came in February 1990 when he became the first comic to sell out the Madison Square Garden for two consecutive nights.

What Happened To Andrew Dice?

Andrew Dice experienced a career decline in the mid-90s and this was as a result of an ill-timed joke. During the 1989 MTV VMAs, the Brooklyn native was scheduled to perform a 3-minute standup routine before introducing a live performance by Cher. He, however, went off-script and recited lewd nursery rhymes. The gaffe fetched Dice a lifetime ban from MTV. He lost a three-movie deal with Fox founder, Barry Diller, and his manager dropped him. Additionally, his albums stopped selling and his movies, including 1990’s The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, bombed at the office. Dice’s troubles did not stop at this juncture. He hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live in May 1990 and several personalities boycotted the show in protest. They included the likes of Irish musician, Sinead O’Connor and SNL cast member, Nora Dunn. Overall, the once-thriving comic found it hard getting TV gigs and this led to financial difficulties.

Andrew Dice’s Career Revival & Comedy Series

Dice’s fortunes improved in 2011 after he was cast in the final season of Entourage, a HBO series about four buddies who accompany one of their own to Hollywood as he seeks to become a movie star. Dice portrayed a fictionalised version of himself, and his performance was so superb that he subsequently landed impressive roles on critically-acclaimed movies such as Blue Jasmine and A Star is Born. The hit film, A Star is Born, is a 2018 drama/romance about Jackson, a seasoned musician who discovers, and falls in love, with a struggling artist named Ally. Though Ally later becomes a big hit, their romance suffers under the weight of Jackson’s demons. A Star is Born featured Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga while Dice portrayed Ally’s dad, Lorenzo. The movie was a critical and commercial success, and received a total of eight Oscar nominations.

Andrew Dice
Dice and Roseanne Barr: image source

Andrew Dice also landed a show on Showtime network where he played a fictionalized version of himself; the show debuted in 2016.

The comedian also returned to his stand-up roots. The Brooklyn native joined hands with fellow conservative comic, Roseanne Barr, to launch the Mr. and Mrs. America Tour in September 2019. During the tour, the long term-pals took aim at several topics including the Kardashians, ABC network, the MeToo Movement and Louis C.K.

Why Was Andrew Dice’s Comedy Series Cancelled?

Another big part of Dice’s career revival was his eponymous comedy series, Dice. The series debuted on Showtime in 2016, and featured Dice playing a fictionalized version of himself as the comic tries to make a career resurgence in his transplanted home of Las Vegas. The show glorifies, and pokes fun, at his golden years.

Andrew Dice’s comedy series also portrayed a much-humbled version of the comic as he regrets some of his offensive material. Dice ran for two seasons, comprising of a total of 13 episodes and consistently attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers. Andrew Dice’s comedy series was however cancelled after the end of the 2nd season. This cancellation was most probably as a result of declining viewership.

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