Andrew Yakubu: What The EFCC Discovered $9.8 Million Loot Says About Nigeria

Last week, Nigeria’s EFCC discovered over $10 million stolen and hidden by Andrew Yakubu, a former government official.

President Buhari’s administration is one with many controversies, nevertheless, it will be recorded that his regime has made discoveries of outrageous loots from dubious government officials.

From all of his campaign promises the recovery of stolen funds seems to be the only one that Nigeria can partially boast of.

From the arms deal to several attempts to recover loots stashed way in foreign banks, now the Andrew Yakubu loot discovery.

Andrew Yakubu is the former Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Nigeria’s anti-graft agency, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) conducted a search in one of Yakubu’s building and found over $9.8 million hidden in a safe.

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According to a report, the EFCC found $9,772,800  and another sum of £74,000. The agency was tipped on the hiding of loots in the slums of Sabon Tasha area of Kaduna.

The caretaker of the house, Bitrus Yakubu, a younger brother to Andrew Yakubu, confirmed that both the house and the safe where the money was found belonged to his brother, Andrew Yakubu.

During Obama’s last address to the United Nation, the Ex-president mentioned the risk of running an unfair government.

Obama said, courtesy of social networks, the oppressed common man now has the privilege of seeing how affluent their leaders are. Some times they get to see firsthand information on how modest or lavishly, they spend taxpayers’ money.

As such, things like that can make desperate and oppressed citizens tilt towards a revolution or worse still a fraudulent means of providing their basic needs.

As the day goes by in Nigeria, critics foresee an uprising lurking around.


Andrew Yakubu’s loot at the moment is the highest amount recorded in recent weeks.

The former NNPC boss claims that the money was a gift from unnamed persons. Yakubu was fired by Goodluck Jonathan for a similar crime of looting.

With the rate of loots recovered from government officials, one would wonder if Nigeria has any reverence for the rule of law.

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Not long ago, the Nigerian media revealed that about N250 million was needed for the gatehouse of the Vice President. Before then, some government officials wanted Nigerians to believe that N270 million was used to “clear grass” for displaced persons.

Just last year a couple of governors, El-rufai and Dino Melaye launched their well-over N100 million worth of exotic Rolls Royce, each.

Are Nigerian officials playing on the people’s intelligence? Is Nigeria the most fantastically corrupt nation after all?

Like other past political criminals, what happens next to Andrew Yakubu and the recovered loot? Will he be prosecuted or granted a “political pardon” while many petty thieves are killed often through jungle justice?

Nigeria’s unemployment has tripled in the last one year. Nigeria is replete with ethnic clashes, hunger and frustration. Sad enough the rich still rip the nation of millions and leave them stashed away in unsuspected buildings.

It is to be noted that when oppression goes on for so long, a full blown revolution is being hatched.

Critics have suggested that Yakubu could be a face to a number of criminals involved in the theft. The entire nation was in shock at the revelation of the Yakubu loot last week.

The president’s indefinite vacation is also another highly sensitive concern for Nigerians at this time.