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Andy Warski can be best described as a comedian cum political activist. The Canadian is a comedian, vlogger, and YouTuber who operates the self-titled YouTube channel, Andywarski, which has over 250,000 subscribers and 600 videos, as of early 2019.

For being conservative and Republican, Warski has come under fire in recent years due to his political views, as he has been tagged nasty, sexist, homophobic, and anti-feminist, non-white. Read on to find out more about Warski, including facts about his early life and career.

Andy Warski Biography

Andy Warski was born in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, on January 5, 1989. Although there are no details about his earliest education, parents or what they did for a living, we know he was raised alongside his two sisters; Mel and Carrie, in Mississauga where he attended elementary school. He attended St. Martin’s High School, before proceeding to Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario where he came top of his class with a Grade Point Average of 3.8.

In what seemed like a bad start in 2012, Andy Warski began his media career with the low-budget film titled “Dark Fist” which he both directed and starred in. The film did not turn out to be as successful as he had hoped and he soon faded into obscurity after that. He later reappeared in some YouTube videos on his channel in 2015.

Although not all, a few of his videos began to gain traction with viewers including those titled “Dumbest Celebrity Quotes ever”, “Dumbest Instagram Posts Ever”, and “I Got a Child Arrested”. But as the months passed, he drifted into politics and other allied matters which fetched him more fame on the video-sharing platform. Viewers, however, consider his posts to be racist and anti-feminist and he has been accused of abusing women and asking his critics to go kill themselves.

Despite this, Andy Warski’s fame continued to grow. Hitting back at his critics, the Youtuber admitted to being anti-feminist but continues to deny being racist. Some of his most viral content include ‘No Violence at Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley Speech’, ‘Anita Tries to Ruin Blade Runner Just Like Everything Else She Does,’ ‘Riley Dennis Is a Dummy,’ ‘Wearing a Trump Hat in Public, Attacked on Camera: 100% Real No Jokes,’ and ‘Amos Yee Is Back… More Disturbing Than Ever.’

Warski has further produced and been a cast member of the TV series ‘Warski Live’ alongside fellow YouTuber Chris Warski.

Andy Warski Family

Andy Warski’s immediate family, as we know, consists of himself, two younger siblings and his parents. The family of five lived in Canada until Andy moved to the United States. While we are not sure why he migrated, we have no doubts it was all in pursuit of his dreams.

However, his involvement in the media and the views he projected on his channel has made him a target of several unfavorable events; even leading to his arrest.

Facts About the YouTuber

1. He Has Been Detained by the Police

Amid strong speculations about his arrest, Andy Warski has continued to deny that he had anything to do with the law although he once admitted to being detained for a short while.

It happened one fateful night when one of his co-hosts by the name Alex pulled a gun at a passer-by who had knocked down Andy’s phone while playing annoying text-to-speech at people in downtown Clearwater. The text-to-speech game saw Andy Warski asking his followers to donate to racist remarks such as “bring back slavery”, and “we hate niggers.” This did not go down well with the authorities so Alex was detained and subsequently charged for three felony charges of aggravated assault and one simple assault charge.

2. Dwindling Subscriber Loyalty

Ever since Warski changed his strategy from his regular 10 to 20-minute videos, to long live streams that could go for hours, his views began to dwindle. More so, Andy Warski’s altercation with former co-host Jean Francois Gariepy and his friend Ethan Ralph of Killstream, have also contributed to his declining YouTube subscription count. Nevertheless, the YouTuber has continued to air his controversial views.

3. He Has a Girlfriend

Andy Warski
Andy Warski and his girlfriend, Sinead Duffy

Andy Warski has a girlfriend who goes by the name Sinead Duffy. Not much is known about her but she has featured on his youtube channel since 2015.

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4. Height and Body Measurements

Now in his early thirties, Andy Warski maintains an average build and has dark brown hair and eyes. Asides that, we have no other details about his body measurements and shoe sizes.

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