Angolan Lawyers Appeal Ruling On President Dos Santos And Sonangol

Angolan lawyers have taken their long-time case against President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ appointment of his daughter, Isabel Dos Santos as the chief executuve officer of the state oil company to the constitutional court.

The Angolan lawyers argue that the President’s appointment of his daughter as the CEO of Sonangol, which has also made her the richest woman in Africa is illegal.

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The lawyers accuse President Dos Santos of practicing nepotism and violating Angolan probity law. The lawyers also argue against the seven months taken by the Supreme Court to come to a decision broke guidelines on prompt rulings.

This is not the first time the case against Isabel Dos Santos as CEO of Sonangol has been taken to court. Last year on December 27, the human rights lawyers submitted an application to the Supreme Court to have Isabel Dos Santos removed as head of Sonangol. However, the application was declined.

On Tuesday, the Lawyers requested the Supreme court to allow the Constitutional Court to hear an appeal against its ruling.

“We have filed an extraordinary appeal at the Supreme Court, who transit the process to the Constitutional Court,” said David Mendes, one of the attorneys.

“Nobody should get advantage based on their origin.”

On the contrary, another lawyer, Jose Carlos who isn’t a part of this group argued that it will be difficult to prove the President was acting illegally when he appointed his daughter as CEO of Sonangol.

“The authors of the appeal would have to be clear and deep to prove the unconstitutionality of the appointment, which would be a surprise and very unlikely to be found,” Carlos said.

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Angola is Africa’s biggest exporter of crude oil and Sonangol manages the reserve. Isabel Dos Santos was appointed the CEO of the state company in June 2015, causing critics to accuse her father of trying to control  state resources.

Isabel, who is also ranked as the richest woman by Forbes says she was given the role for her business acuity rather than bloodlines.