Ann Cabell Standish – Bio, Family, Facts About Robert Mueller’s Wife

The United States has a myriad of public officials but there are some who continue to make headlines, owing to the nature of their job. Robert Mueller, the renowned American attorney and prosecutor, remain one of such. Initially popular for his 12-year term as Director of FBI, Mueller’s fame has progressively heightened since 2017 when he became the U.S Department of Justice Special Counsel to investigate Russian intrusion in the presidential election of 2016. Meanwhile, Mueller is not just famous for his public positions, he is widely admired for his powerful integrity and undaunted personality. Always standing beside this great man is a woman, his wife – Ann Cabell Standish. While she may not be making waves like her husband, Ann has built a remarkable personality worth knowing about.

Ann Cabell Standish – Bio

Ann Cabell Standish was born in the mid-1940s to Thomas Anderson Standish Jr. and his wife, Dorothy Lucile Cabell. She Standish completed her high school education at the Miss Porter’s School, a private all-girls college-preparatory school in Farmington, Connecticut. She later earned her degree from the Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York.

Upon her graduation from college, Ann took up a special-education teaching job at a private school located in Washington, New York. There, she taught pupils with learning impairments. She later quit the job in the early 1970s to join her husband who just returned from the Vietnam War and enrolled in the Virginia School of Law.

Since she left her job as a special education teacher, Ann Cabell appears not to have taken up any other full-time job or consistent career. She devotes most of her time to taking care of her family and supporting her husband.

Her Family

Ann Cabell Standish married Robert Mueller on 3rd September 1966. The wedding was held at the St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

Ann had earlier met Robert at a high school party several years before. Robert later invited her over for a weekend while he was at Princeton. They probably remained close from then as Mueller married her immediately he completed his first degree in 1966. The couple has two daughters together – Melissa and Cynthia, and three grandchildren.

While Cynthia is married to Chris Donley with two kids (Robert Charles and Campbell), Melissa is probably married with a child. Cynthia’s daughter and Mueller’s granddaughter, Campbell completed her high school education at the Tabor Academy, Massachusetts in 2017. Mueller attended her graduation and gave a keynote speech at the occasion.

Standish’s family has moved a lot, owing to the nature of her husband’s career. Ann recently revealed in an interview that they have moved the 17th time, pointing out that she had always sworn that each move would be her last! Nevertheless, she has remained very supportive of Mueller through thick and thin and ups and downs, including the criticisms that come with his public responsibilities. With the kids now staying on their own, Standish presently lives with her husband in New York City.

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Ann Cabell Standish leaving the St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington alongside her husband image source

Facts About Robert Mueller’s Wife

1. Ann Cabell Standish and Robert Mueller have been married for over five decades. Ann has been with Robert all through his career progression – from his military service at the Vietnam War, through law school/career, and public office service to date.

2. Cabell Standish and Mueller were both 17 when they met as high school students. This suggests that she is of the same age with her husband who was born in 1944.

3. Ann Standish has had her husband describe her as “remarkable” and “a true saint”. She busied herself with teaching impaired kids while her hubby was away in the Vietnam war. Again, she has patiently moved with him from city to city across the US as his job dictates.

4. Ann is a kind-hearted and considerate woman. She once advised Mueller against overworking his staff.

5. One of her children had Spina Bifida, a birth defect where the spine failed to close up properly during fetal development.

6. Ann has undergone treatments for cancer on two different occasions. Her husband also made a recovery from prostate cancer in the early 2000s, prior to becoming the FBI Director.

7. Ann Cabell Standish lives a highly private lifestyle, maintaining a low profile and scarcely sharing her personal matters with the media. She also has no active social media account.

8. Ann, alongside Mueller, values spending time with family. She actually ensures the latter returns from his outside duties before every Friday evening in order to take her out for dinner.

9. Her husband, Robert Mueller, submitted his report on the concluded Russian investigation, a 448-page document in March 2019.

10. Ann’s devotion to her husband and his career earned her “the Republican Mother” title.


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