Annaka Harris, Sam Harris’ Wife: 5 Facts You Need To know 

The institution of marriage can be quite difficult for the couple involved but when the duo is people of like minds, it becomes a different ball game altogether, completely distinct from the general notion about the marriage union. Such is the case with the duo Annaka Harris and her spouse Sam Harris. The fact that they are both authors whose interests run to the same subject has cemented their relationship which took off since 2004. It would appear that nothing is capable of shaking the roots of their union as both have invested so much confidence in each other; in fact, Sam Harris refers to his wife as his best editor. They work closely together and share the same interests.

On her own part, Annaka Harris gained popularity as an author and editor of American origin, publishing children’s books with major focus on mindfulness. In addition, Annaka functions as an editor for scientific content on both physics and neuroscience as well as non-fiction books.

5 Facts You Need To Know About Annaka Harris

Personal Life

Annaka Harris
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According to the husband of Annaka Harris, both he and his wife are averse to discussing their private affair and personal details in public because of security reasons, consequently, not much is known about the writer’s personal life. However, it is common knowledge that they hooked up in a 2004 wedding and have been together ever since, but information about their wedding is sadly lacking.

The couple’s marriage has recorded the birth of two children – all girls. The Harris daughters are called Violet and Emma but we cannot tell which came first. In the same vein, the details of their birth have never been reported, so we cannot tell how old they are likely to be. The couple’s marriage has endured for over 15 years and still going strong, though their current residence is also shielded because of security reasons.

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Her Work

Notable among her publications is the book titled Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind. The wife of Sam Harris functions as a consultant cum editor for science writers with a specialty in physics and neuroscience. Annaka Harris’ fame has drawn the attention of global tabloids like the New York Times which has featured her in their publications as a bestselling author. The famed author is also into philanthropy, volunteering with the Inner Kids Organization in her capacity as a mindfulness teacher.

Annaka Harris’ Children’s Book

Annaka Harris is the author of the popular kiddies book titled I Wonder which is a collaborator focusing on the Mindful Games Activity Cards from the stables of Susan Kaiser Greenland. The book is focused on a little girl named Eva as the major character. In the story, Eva discovers the world alongside her mum and in the course of her exploration, she comes to the realization that the world is full of mysteries that cannot be explained even if you grow to become an adult so little Eva learns that it is quite okay for one to say ‘I don’t know.’

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Since its publication, Annaka Harris’ children’s book has garnered remarkable approval and support from specialists on child development as well as other known authors. According to a blog by the children’s books author, she got the inspiration for the search for the moon which we saw in the book from her young daughter who displayed a remarkable fascination for the moon at the tender age of 18 months. Consequently, every page of the book comes with a vivid illustration of the moon.

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Annaka Harris View on Mindfulness

She has vested interest in mindfulness, particularly its effect on the younger generation. According to the author of I Wonder, mindfulness aids kids in developing such things as self-awareness and concentration. A delve into her website will reveal several free resources targeted towards the promotion of mindfulness in kids between the ages of six to ten. It also has exercises in activities like breathing, meditation and hearing sound.

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Her Collaborations with Sam Harris

Alongside her spouse Sam, Annaka Harris functions as a co-founder and trustee of Project Reason with Sam as the organization’s chief executive. Though it became defunct in 2016, Project Reason was known as a non-profit foundation whose main focus was disseminating secular values and scientific knowledge in the society. The famed author also advocates the use of alternative plastic, according to her blog post, there is much risk in the extensive use of plastics, particularly for mothers with kids. Her blog also comes with several alternatives to plastics.

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