Insights on Annamarie Tendler’s Marriage to John Mulaney and Her Influence as a Makeup Artist

Annamarie Tendler is a renowned creative artist famous for her artistic facial and hair makeovers which she shares on her blogs. Also an author and host, she is the beloved wife of a popular entertainer whose name is John Mulaney. Both of them have enjoyed massive success and hitch-free marriage since 2014.

As her husband is a popular figure, Annamarie’s love life has piqued the interest of many people as much as her career is being followed. One may be tempted to conclude that her marriage to Mulaney is the reason she’s famous. While we can’t totally dismiss that as false, it is imperative to point out that Annamaria is also popular for what she does.

The Makeup Artist Met Her Husband During a Group Vacation to Martha’s Vineyard in Early 2000s

Annamarie Tendler is the wife of an award-winning American actor, stand-up comedian, producer, and writer, John Edmund Mulaney. Born on the 26th of August 1982, Mulaney schooled at Georgetown University and is known for voicing Andrew Glouberman in the Netflix show, Big Mouth. He has featured in numerous television series and a couple of films.

Most reports have claimed that there are no verifiable records of how and when their paths crossed, relating that they were friends until they decided to become husband and wife. At best, that’s half of the story as we can confirm that the couple met during a group vacation to Martha’s Vineyard in the early 2000s. Martha’s Vineyard is a popular tourist attraction, an island located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Annamarie Tendler
Annamarie Tendler and husband John Mulaney: image source

After the Martha’s Vineyard-trip came to an end, Annamarie Tendler drove a bunch of the vacationers home and John rode shotgun. As the story goes, the stand-up comedian kept the people entertained during the journey and warmed his way up to Martha’s heart. They were not lovers then, but the makeup artist knew it would become their fate in the nearest future.

Annamarie Tendler Predicted Their Marriage and It Came to Pass in July 2014

After they started dating, Tendler predicted on the 16th of February 2010 that she would be getting married to John. A few years later, precisely on the 5th of July 2014, they became life partners.

One very unique feature of their wedding was the environment where the ceremony was held. The event took place at the natural environment of Onteora Mountain House in Boiceville in New York City, on the 5th day of July 2014, in the presence of families and close friends.

The wedding was officiated by the Canadian actor Dan Levy who is their mutual friend. After the wedding, John thrilled his guests with a stand-up session. The couple used the medium to appeal for donation and support for the Innocence Project, a charitable organization that fights for people wrongfully convicted. It was said that the donation would help convicts get DNA tests that would in turn help them prove their cases in court.

Their union is yet to produce any child but the two are parents to a lovely French bulldog named Petunia. As you’d soon learn, Anna is happy with what she does for a living as much as she is happy in her marriage.

John Mulaney’s Wife Is a Well-trained Makeup Artist

You may come across people in this field who are talented. If they are not as successful as Tendler, it is probably because she is not only talented and passionate about being an artist but also that she well-trained in the field.

Born on the 9th of June 1985 in Bethel, Connecticut, details of Tendler’s family background and the kind of childhood she had are not known. In fact, the most that is known publicly about her family is that she has a brother named Jesse Ryan Tendler. However, from her educational timeline, it is evident that she chose the path of an artist from a very young age.

After she graduated from high school, Annamarie Tendler enrolled at Vidal Sassoon’s hairdressing school and also attended Make-up Designory. When she graduated, she signed up for a photography course at Parsons School of Design where she got certified as a professional photographer.

Tendler did not stop there as she obtained her university education at The New School, a non-profit research university in Manhattan, New York City, where she majored in writing and psychology. In addition to that, from 2018 to 2020, she schooled at New York University where she obtained her master’s degree in costume studies.

She Has Worked on Various Television Series and Comedy Specials as a Makeup Artist 

Given the foregoing, it wouldn’t be out of place for one to conclude that she has all it takes to thrive as a makeup artist. She is well-learned in the field as much as she is talented and passionate about it. Annamarie Tendler has never failed to share with the world her creative talent, especially her make-up artistry, and hairstyling skills.

She started her work as a stylist in New York City and by December 2017, she began her blog known as The Daily Face on Tumblr. She used the blog as a medium to tutor her followers on simple, daily, and the best makeup routines; this endeared her to many and charted her path to fame.

As she became very popular for her skills, she got to team up with MTV Style where she showcased various face and hair styling segments that were carried by popular media outlets like Glamour, HelloGiggles, and DailyCandy. In addition to that, her artworks have seen her feature in some television series and comedy specials which include The Old Man and the Seymour, CollegeHumor Originals, John Mulaney: New in Town, John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid, and Aziz Ansari: Dangerously Delicious.

Annamarie Tendler Is The Owner of Silk Parlor and a Writer

There is no doubt that John Mulaney’s wife has successfully established herself as a makeup artist and designer. Even though she has become a popular name in the entertainment industry, she counts owning Silk Parlor as one of her biggest career accomplishment.

Silk Parlor has been in existence since November 2015, it is a creative line that specializes in making colorful, handmade Victorian lampshades and textile arts. From what we gathered, Anna crafts each lampshade entirely by hand, using both new and vintage fabrics, trims, and fringe.

A true creative genius, Annamarie has authored a few books. In 2014, she published The Daily Face: 25 Makeup Looks for Day, Night, and Everything In Between! A few years later (in 2017), she published Pin It!: 20 Fabulous Bobby Pin Hairstyles.


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