Riveting Facts About The Roles That Launched Anne Hathaway To Stardom and Her Marriage To Shulman

It is nearly impossible for a Hollywood star to avoid controversies in their personal or professional lives but if there is one person who has managed this feat, it is Anne Hathaway. An Academy Award winner, Hathaway has enjoyed a seamless career in Hollywood and has proved her versatility by appearing in a diverse array of works such as The Princess Diaries, Alice in Wonderland, The Dark Knight Rises, and Les Misérables.

Hathaway was one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood in 2015 and has become an outspoken advocate for same-sex marriage and gender equality. She is equally a United Nations Women goodwill ambassador and has received various awards for her humanitarian work across the globe. Off the screens, Anne is happily married to a businessman cum part-time actor named Adam Schulman, and their union has stood the test of time.

Hathaway’s Mother Inspired Her Career Choice

Most children subconsciously follow their parent’s footsteps and so it was with Anne Hathaway. The actress born on November 12, 1982, in Brooklyn, New York, is the second of three children born to Kate, a stage actress and Gerald Hathaway, an attorney. Anne was raised in Millburn, New Jersey after her family moved there when she was six. She began her elementary education at Brooklyn Heights Montessori School before later transferring to Wyoming Elementary School in Millburn.

From a young age, Anne was exposed to theatrical productions through her mother and gradually fell in love with it. She later developed a desire to become an actress after watching her mom play the role of Fantine, a role that she would later play herself in Les Misérables.

Having decided to be an actress, Hathaway participated in several school plays during her high school days at Millburn High School. She subsequently went on to perfect her acting skills by undergoing programs at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Barrow Group Theatre Company.

Looking Back at Her Iconic Role on The Princess Diaries

Most actors toil for several years before getting their breakthrough but Anne Hathaway had no such problems as her third role marked her breakthrough in Hollywood. Having made her screen debut in the 1999 Fox series, Get Real, the young lady went on to land a spot in the 2001 Disney adventure drama, The Other Side of Heaven. Whilst prepping for filming, she got wind of another proposed Disney drama, The Princess Diaries, and decided to throw her heart into the ring.

Hathaway attended the audition and was intimidated by the several well-known faces there. She however kept her cool and sailed through the auditions with her only mishap being a fall out of her chair at some point. This mishap later played in her favor as it showed the casting agents that she had the clumsy attitude they were looking for. Having selected her for the final contenders, director Garry Marshall presented the list to his granddaughter and she picked Hathaway because she had the best princess hair.

Anne Hathaway
Hathaway on the set of The Princess Diaries: Image Source

The lucky Hathaway went on to portray the role of Mia Thermopolis, a klutzy teen who goes on to become a graceful queen under the tutelage of her strong-willed grandmother, in the 2001 film, The Princess Diaries. The movie was an overwhelming commercial success, grossing $165.3 million on a budget of $26 million.

It also catapulted Hathaway to stardom with several news outlets such as the BBC and NYT praising her for her stellar performance. The New Jersey native later reprised her role in a 2004 sequel and has since stated that the film made an unforgettable impact on her life.

Roles The Inked Her Name In The Heart of Hollywood

Since gaining her breakthrough in The Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway has built a diverse filmography consisting of movies such as Interstellar, Oceans 8, The Intern, Alice In Wonderland, Bride Wars, Valentine’s Day, The Dark Knight Rises, and American Hustle.

Her most popular roles amongst all these arguably remain the 2006 comedy-drama, The Devil Wears Prada. It revolves around a fresh-eyed college grad, Andy, who gets an unsavory taste of the fashion world whilst working as an assistant to a fearsome fashion mag editor, Miranda Priestly.

Anne Hathaway
Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Emily Blunt on the set of The Devil Wears Prada: Image Source

The film featured the mercurial Meryl Streep as the fiery Priestly while Hathaway portrayed the naïve assistant. The genuineness she brought to the role helped to make the movie a box office hit, grossing $327.9 million on a budget of $35 million. She also benefited from the movie as it marked her first lead role in an adult-targeted movie; the fact that she was able to hold her own against Streep opened the doors for her to star in other serious projects, including Les Misérables and Rachael Getting Married.

Hathaway received her first Oscar nomination for Best Actress for portraying the role of a recovering drug addict named Kym in the 2008 drama, Racheal Getting Married. She however failed to land the gong and had to wait for four years to get another nomination. This time, it was for portraying the role of Fantine, a prostitute dying of tuberculosis, in the 2014 adaptation of famous musical romantic drama, Les Misérables. Her performance earned her a nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category and she eventually won the award.

Anne Hathaway Shares a Happy Home With Her Husband and Two Sons

Anne Hathaway is married to businessman and part-time actor Adam Shulman. The couple was introduced to each other by a mutual friend at the Palms Springs Film Festival in 2008. It was love at first sight for the actress and she reportedly told that mutual friend that she was going to marry Shulman.

The businessman however kept things casual between them for about six weeks before Hathaway took matters into her own hands and asked him out for their first date which was a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana.

The duo later started dating and got engaged in November 2011. A year later, specifically on the 29th of September 2012, they exchanged vows at an outdoor Jewish ceremony in the Big Sur region of California, in front of more than 100 guests.

The couple now has two sons. They welcomed their first child, a son named Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman in March 2016 while their second son, Jack, was born in November 2019.

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Meet The Husband of The Actress

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman (Image Source)

Adam Shulman was born on the 2nd of April 1981 in New York. He is a businessman who deals in Jewelry, he co-founded and co-owns a jewelry store, James Banks Design, with designer Heidi Nahser Fink. However, before venturing into the jewelry business, Shulman tried his hand in acting.

He attended a summer acting program at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts as well as a few other theatres before enrolling at Brown University where he majored in theater, graduating in 2003. He then went on to have a few minor roles in series and movies like American Dreams (2005) and The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007).

As you might have noticed, Adam Shulman shares a resemblance with portraits of the 16th-century playwright, William Shakespeare. Coincidentally, and somewhat spookily, their wives share the same name, Anne Hathaway, which has given rise to conspiracy theories about Shulman being a reincarnate and a vampire. Make of that whatever you will.

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