Golden Voice Of Cameroon Anne Marie Nzie Dies At 84

A prominent Cameroonian singer, Anne Marie Nzie, who was widely known as the golden voice of Cameroon, has died. She was 84 years at the time of her death.

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The government revealed that Anne Marie Nzie died on tuesday at a hospital where she was being treated since May 8 after she succumbed to an illness.

The Cameroonian Minister of arts and culture Narcisse Mouelle Kombi described her yesterday as a musical heroine who will always be remembered for advocating for rights to freedom since Cameroon’s independence from France in 1960. He called it a great loss to Cameroon stating;

“With her beautiful and attractive voice she stood courageously for Cameroon’s independence from French colonial masters and advocated for the respect of human rights and dignities. At that time it needed courage,”

Anne Marie Nzie was known round the country for her role in promoting Cameroon’s Bikutsi music and for defending human rights. Yesterday, Wednesday, several Cameroonians gathered outside her Yaounde residence in mourning.

Anne Marie Nzie

She was born in the Cameroonian town of Lolodof in 1932. Her father was a local guitarist. She began singing in a church choir at 8 and had her first songs played in night clubs when she was 24. Of all her songs, Cameroon most cherished ‘Liberte’, which was considered rebellious even at the time that Cameroon gained independence.

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Another singer Atte Bazore described Nzie as a mother who will always be missed; “Each time we had difficulties, we rushed to her and she would readily advise us, urging us to love our country”.

The golden voice of Cameroon may be gone now, but she seems to have left behind a great legacy and her songs will always be there to remember her by.