Annie Verret Bio, Family, Facts About Jordan Spieth’s Wife.

Annie Verret is the wife of a celebrated sports enthusiast, Jordan Speith who has excelled at his occupation as a golfer. He has claimed a few accolades and has contributed immensely to most charity organizations. Through it all, he has always had the support of his lovely wife who has still managed to remain elusive from the media. Here is an attempt at revealing key facts about her life and career.

Annie Verret Biography

Annie Verret whose full name is Annie Frances Verret was born sometime in the year 1994. She was born in Coppell Texas, the United States of America to parents whose identity remains concealed from the media. Also, it is not clear to the media whether or not she has siblings.

As regarding her educational pursuits, Annie Verret is well educated. Records have it that she was a scholar at an all-girls college prep school. She is also a graduate of Texas Tech where she majored in business. To show how focused and intelligent she is, Verret, during her school days maintained a 4.0 GPA – a feat that is quite outstanding and remarkable.

A career woman, Annie Verret is an event planner for an organization known as the First Tee of Dallas which specializes in using golf to mentor and train young people. Annie Verret is a business ambassador and served as an intern in the human resource department at the American Heart Association where she made remarkable contributions. Also, she has worked as a prize chairperson at St Bernard Sport.

Annie Verret’s Family

Sadly, there is no available information regarding Annie Verret’s parents or siblings, however, there are certain claims that she has a sister, who is also quite media-shy. Verret’s only family member that is deep in the spotlight is her husband Jordan Spieth.

Jordan and Annie share a wonderful love story. They started dating as far back as when they were still in high school. These two love birds were very committed to their relationship even after they eventually attended different colleges.

Annie Verret
Annie Verret and Husband

Eventually, the couple got engaged on Christmas Eve of 2017 and after some months decided to tie the knot in the month of November 2018. Their wedding was graced by some of her husband’s famous colleagues. The couple often times express affection to each other with lots of PDA’s at events. They reside in their mansion at Texas, Dallas.

Annie Verret’s husband Jordan became very popular after his athletic performance as a golfer. He has bagged a few accolades to his name including being the champ of the Master’s Tournament and US Open in 2015. The golfer was born to parents Shawn Spieth and Mary Christine Spieth on July 27th, 1993 in Texas. He has two siblings, Steven Spieth, and Ellie Speith. Steven is also a sportsperson, he plays basketball for the Brown Bears of the Brown University. Jordan Speith developed a passion for golf as early as age four, however, he was also involved in other sports but ultimately, golf won his heart. He attended the University of Dallas where he was part of the varsity golf team.

Facts About Jordan Spieth’s Wife

She loves her privacy

From the obvious fact, Annie has tried in all capacity to stay off the spotlight. Her ability to conceal most of the details about herself despite being a celebrity is quite amazing. Her social media pages are held as private accounts.

She is Career Driven

Although Annie Verret is very supportive of her husband’s career, she also tries to make sure that she creates a time for herself to pursue a career of her own. Annie has built a portfolio as an event planner and has made a reasonable amount of wealth from her deals.

She is a Brainiac

Annie Verret has proven to be not just a beautiful woman but also a very intelligent and focused woman. She made sure she had good grades during her days in school where she maintained a 4.0 GPA.

She loves Charity

Annie Verret likes to make a positive impact on the lives of the less privileged and people in need. She makes contributions to Charity organizations and this, in turn, goes a long way in helping lots of families in need.


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