Intriguing Details of Anthony Kiedis’ Early Life, Drug Addiction and Relationships

Anthony Kiedis is the lead singer of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. He is a singer and songwriter who is a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The music that Kiedis has created is highly reflective of all the musicians that have influenced his career; and through the years of his career, he has made music that addresses subjects that are peculiar to him.

Kiedis’ life has been a steady buildup to who he is right now: from his addiction to drugs to the members of his band, his life in music took off even when he was a child. 

Anthony Kiedis Moved to Hollywood When He Was 12

He was born on November 1, 1962, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His parents, Margaret Noble and John Kiedis got divorced when he was three. Anthony’s mother was with him most of the time and raised him in Grand Rapids while his father moved to Hollywood.

John Kiedis was an actor who went by the name Blackie Dammett and appeared in more than 40 films. During summers, Anthony Kiedis would visit his father in Hollywood and he described those periods as the best years of his life.

In 1974, Anthony moved fully to Hollywood to live with his dad. It was while he was in Hollywood that he met his longtime friend Michael Balzary (also known as Flea) and Hillel Slovak, they were part of a band called Anthym. The three of them were all schooling at Fairfax High school in Los Angeles at the time. 

Meeting Hillel Slovak and Flea Set Him on the Path of His Career in Music

When Anthony Kiedis hung out with Flea, the two participated in several activities including listening to music. Kiedis being more drawn to rock soon introduced Flea to punk rock. Then in 1977 when Kiedis was 15 he met Hillel Slovak. He saw Slovak during a performance with Anthym, and afterward, the two hung out together in the latter’s home. According to Kiedis, meeting Slovak was a distinct experience as he was clearly knowledgeable about music.

The friendship between Flea and Anthony Kiedis extended to include Slovak. Punk rock music that Kiedis and Flea used to listen to was the inspiration for their slowly forming band. They also infused funk sounds in their creations and made punk-funk music. The experiments they had with sounds led to the three of them forming a band. However, there was a worry that Kiedis will be unable to perform properly live.

But Slovak and Flea agreed to let him perform. Anthony Kiedis described the feeling of doing that as one that he was created to do. The band was soon invited to perform their only song at the time, Out in L.A., at The Rhythm Lounge. After an amazing performance, the Lounge’s owner asked them to come back with more songs. Thus the band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, came to be. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers founding members Michael “Flea” Balzary, Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, and Jack Irons: Image Source

The Singer’s Drug Abuse Problem Started from His Childhood

Anthony Kiedis’ father had a successful career in Hollywood as an actor but after a while, the movie roles stopped coming. To make ends meet, he started to sell harmful drugs which he soon began to use himself.

When Kiedis moved to Hollywood to live with his father, he joined his older man in his drug consumption. As he grew older he would take cocaine, heroin, and LSD.  

His long term usage of narcotics eventually started to take a toll on his career and the work he was doing with the band. During the recording of their 1987 album The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, Anthony Kiedis was unable to contribute musically to the album. During rehearsals, he would seem sleepy and this dragged the progression of that album. 

His Addiction Disrupted The Band’s Music Release 

When the band won the Band of Year award from LA Weekly, Kiedis was motivated to quit heroin and went to visit his mother in Michigan. The time he spent at a rehab center and in his mother’s house was the first period in his life since he was eleven that he was completely clean. 

But his sobriety did not last as he relapsed fifty days after; when he returned to the band. Regardless of the relapse, Anthony Kiedis was able to write very good music.

The downside to his relapse was that he would not come for recording sessions for the album Uplift, thereby affecting production. 

Drug Overdose of His Close Friend Changed His Life

In 1988, Slovak died of a heroin overdose and this was traumatic for Anthony Kiedis. He fled to a village in Mexico and missed the burial. Flea was able to find him, get him to confront Slovak’s death, and make him check into rehab again.

After this, Kiedis was clean for five years but in 1994, he suffered another relapse. The next time he was clean after the relapse was in 2000. Since December of the year, he has strived to remain clean.

Some of Kiedis’ Past Relationships Inspired His Music

Anthony Kiedis has been in multiple relationships; his music has indeed permeated every part of his life including his relationships. The rock star is known to write songs that are reflective of the feelings he has for the different women he has been with.

In 1990, he was in a short-term relationship with Sinead O’Connor. It is believed he wrote “I Could Have Lied” for her.

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Melanie Chisholm of Spice Girls was the person who inspired “Emit Remmus”. Anthony once spoke on his relationship with women and how they were mostly short-lived due to him sleeping with whomever he thought was pretty.

His Most Serious Relationships Were With Yohanna Logan and Heather Christie

One of his longest relationships was with Yohanna Logan, a fashion designer he dated from 1998 to 2003.

Anthony Kiedis
Kiedis and Yohanna Logan: image source

His next serious relationship was with Heather Christie, a model. Both of them were together for four years between 2004 and 2008 and what they had led to the birth of his only child Everly Bear in 2007.

Anthony Kiedis and son: image source

Like his other relationships, Heather had songs inspired and written about her.

In 2012, the singer dated another model, Helena Vestergaard. Their relationship was a messy one but also served as a source of inspiration for his music.

Anthony Kiedis is currently single and has said he is open to living the rest of his life as a single person if the right person for him does not come along, especially as he still struggles with understanding women.

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