What is Anthony Padilla’s Net Worth After He Left Smosh?

What is Anthony Padilla’s net worth? Daniel Anthony Padilla’s net worth is $3 million in 2024. He made his money as a content creator, youtube, and comedian. He was mostly known as one half of the comedy duo Smosh but has since left to establish his own solo career, which has helped his net worth grow to what it is now.

The versatile and talented former Smosh star is gifted in the art of writing, production, comedy, directing, acting, as well as music. In the midst of the aforementioned, he is famed as one half/co-founder of Smosh– one of the earliest comedy groups on YouTube. Although Smosh YouTube Channel boats millions of subscribers with billion in video views, His personal YouTube channel after he left his former group in 2017 is not doing badly as it equally has amassed a tangible following which positively impacted Anthony Padilla’s net worth.

The award-winning media star’s reasons for departing from Smosh are tied to his loss of creative excitement, spontaneity, creative freedom, and the way the parent company (Defy) ran the Smosh organization. Below is a low-down of his activities in Smosh.

Anthony Padilla’s Net Worth Sources

  • Comedy
  • Youtube
  • Writing
  • Acting/Directing
  • Music

What was Anthony Padilla Known for in Smosh?

Anthony Padilla being part of Smosh, performed many roles, some of which include;

Content Creation

In the beginning, Smosh without Anthony Padilla can be likened to a heart without a heartbeat. The existence of Smosh came as a result of Anthony’s creativity. Although he started it as a website that was solely to connect to his friends in school following the ill health that forced him to stay home, Anthony later ventured into YouTube with his friend Ian. His creativity was not only in creating the site but in creating content which were mostly hilarious.


Padilla played the roles of Charlie in Ghostmates (2016) and Bobby in the English version of Hedgehogs among others.


Not only is Padilla good as a YouTuber, but he also tried his hands on music. Through Smosh, he released comic music albums like “Sexy album” (2010) and “If Music Were Real” (2011).


Severally, the Sacramento-born internet star took to writing for Smosh. However, as much as he wrote complete films, he also wrote only a part of some series. Some of his works include ‘Smosh Babies (2013-2017), ‘Teleporting Fat Guy (2012), ‘Smosh’s If It Were Real’ (2013), ‘Super Smosh’ (2015), ‘The Big What If’ (2016-2017), and ‘Best Interview Ever’ among others.


Among his works is the production of series which include Ask Charlie, El Smosh Zombies vs. Ninjas, among others. He is also known to have produced The Angry Birds (2016), and If It Were Real Saga (2009-2017).


The talented Anthony Padilla also directed some of Smosh’s films, mostly those he wrote, as mentioned earlier.

These are just a few of Anthony’s numerous roles before quitting Smosh. Anthony Padilla’s contributions, however, have remained an important part of the channel.

Anthony Padilla’s Net Worth While in Smosh

While in Smosh, Anthony Padilla’s net worth was pegged within the range of $1 million by various sources. The Smosh Company, which was sadly sold off to Defy Media for stock (no cost), was eventually resold to Mythical Entertainment (Rhett and Link) without becoming a publicly-traded company.

Anthony Padilla’s Net Worth After He Left Smosh

Anthony Padilla’s net worth has been a true reflection of his hard work as a content creator. It is pegged at about $3 million as of 2018, a sum we believe has greatly increased with many works that have racked up millions of views. Some media outlets believe he has about $8 million net worth now, which we can not ascertain as of now.

What Does Anthony Padilla Do Now?

Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla with a Clown man/Dragon Lady during an interview (image source)

Since the departure of the 5 feet 11 inches tall internet personality from Smosh, the versatile entertainer has been busy building his own YouTube channel. His channel now boasts of millions of loyal subscribers with millions of video views. On his channel, he’s committed to releasing a video every Monday and Friday.

Such videos include hilarious interviews with famed celebrities in all sectors, especially online media personalities. In addition, Anthony has also continued to feature in numerous films and series like A Day at the Beach (2018), where he played the role of Principal Morris, Starter Pack (2018), Blame the Hero (2019), and Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) among others.

Other Facts About Anthony Padilla

  • At 15 years old, Anthony Padilla was diagnosed with Henoch SchonleinPurpura (HSP), but it did not stop him from pursuing a career that he has since got famous. HSP is an acute immunoglobulin A disorder that causes inflammation and bleeding in the skin’s small blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys, the joints, and sometimes the lungs and central nervous system.
  • His moniker includes AnthonySmosh as well known as Anth0nyPadilla.
  • He, alongside his best friend and co-founder of Smosh quit college to concentrate on their YouTube channel.


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