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Anthony Weiner is a former American congressman, from the Democratic Party. He became an active politician in 1999 when he represented New York in the Congress between 1999 and 2011. He resigned from active politics in June 2011 after he was exposed for sexting with a minor. By September 2017, this father of one was found guilty by the Jury and sentenced to 21 months in prison for sexual–related offenses.

Anthony Weiner’s Bio, Age

He was born in New York City as Anthony David Weiner on September 4, 1964. He is the second out of three children born to Jewish parents. His father, Mort Weiner is a lawyer, and his mother, Frances (née Finklestein) is a high school mathematics teacher. Growing up, his family lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He has an elder brother – Seth and a younger brother – Jason. Seth though, died in 2000 when he was run over by a hit-and-run driver, at the age of 39. His younger brother Jason grew up a chef and co-owner of numerous restaurants in New York.

Anthony Weiner had his basic education at P.S 39 The Henry Bristow School in Park Slope. He took the Specialized High School Admission Test, an examination used to determine high school admissions in New York. He proceeded to Brooklyn Technical High School and finished in 1981 before proceeding to enroll in the University of New York, Plattsburgh. He graduated in 1985 with a B.A in Political Science.

While in the university, Anthony began his journey as a politician. He became very popular as a student politician and activist even rising to the position of becoming a student senator. He made a serious impact to the extent that he was named the Most Effective Student Senator. After his graduation, he joined the team of workers for Senator Charles Schumer – the then member of US House of Representative in Washington DC. He was with him for three years, before he was transferred to Brooklyn in 1988. It was while in his hometown, Brooklyn that he began his actual journey in politicking at the grassroots’ level.

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Anthony Weiner’s Wife, Divorce

Anthony Weiner
Anthony Weiner with ex-wife Huma Abedin Image Source

Anthony Weiner, who is a practicing Jew, got engaged to Huma Abedin, a Moslem and a long-time Assistant to Hillary Clinton, in May 2009. The pair got wedded sometime in July 2010 with the then US President Bill Clinton officiating the wedding. A year later, their marriage produced a baby boy, Jordan Zain Weiner. Jordan was born exactly six months after his father has resigned as a congressman. Huma Abedin has been a long-standing aide of Hillary Clinton who was the Democratic Presidential Candidate in the 2016 US elections. She has had a robust relationship with Hillary even while Hillary served as the chief of staff for President Barack Obama.

Anthony Weiner’s resignation has been prompted by a sexting scandal that rocked him. He was caught sending an obscene image to a girl with his public Twitter account, and it was leaked to the public. In 2013, he tried reviving his political career by running for the Mayor of New York. But yet again, he was caught up with another sexting scandal.

On August 29, 2016, his wife Huma, reportedly announced her intentions to separate from him. Although, the New York Times later reported that the duo is trying to make their marriage work again, as the decision to separate was largely influenced by Hillary Clinton, who said that the numerous scandals were affecting her campaign.

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But, on September 25th, 2017, Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to sending an obscene image to a minor. This promoted his wife in filing for a divorce while requesting for the sole custody of their son.

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He was sentenced to twenty-one months in prison with a fine of $100,000. He was equally placed on additional supervision for three years after his prison term. Though, he has been released on February 17th, 2019 – after three months was taken off his jail term, he is still under supervision and has to register as a sex offender.

Net Worth

Despite the fact that his career was muddled up with scandals, Anthony has made a considerable amount from politics. He has no other business affiliation nor ties. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Anthony Weiner’s Height

Standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, Anthony Weiner has failed to disclose other of his body measurements and statistics. Hence, his other statistics are largely unknown.

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