Anti-Besigye Uganda? Ugandans Arrested For Wearing Besigye T-Shirt

The government of Uganda has arrested some activists who were spotted wearing  T-shirts of Uganda’s main opposition leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Some Ugandans have been protesting the arrest of the trio with the hashtag #freesamwyri. Samson Tumusiime who recently posted a picture of himself wearing the Besigye T-shirt on Facebook  was arrested.

Not only Samson but two others, Ismail Muyinda and Asia Nanyanzi who are believed to have printed the shirts are also under arrest.

Social media users have called for the release of the three, stating that it was wrong to have them arrested just for wearing the T-shirt of their favorite presidential candidate.

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The Ugandan police however did state that the trio were arrested for allegedly planning to stage an illegal demonstration against the current government.

“I see people wear Tees of sooooooooooo many other revolutionaries and walk freely,” one said.

Another user said, “freedom isn’t freedom if someone dictates how you exercise it. #FreeSamwyiri”

Among the social media users condemning the arrest of Samson Tumusiime and co is the creator of the image on the Besigye t-shirt. He said:

The current Ugandan government which is being ruled by President Yoweri Museveni has not hidden the fact that it is against opposition of any kind. Dr Kizza Besigye, the opposition leader who was more likely to win the 2016 election was arrested several times and even prohibited from carrying out his electoral campaign in certain parts of Uganda.

During the run-up to President Museveni’s swearing in, the government banned the media from publicizing protests against the government.

Before his arrest, Samson Tumusiime posted this status on his Facebook page;

The paranoia is the state has reached a tipping point. Ysmyl Muyinda a very close friend ,whose company makes custom tees on demand, made a few Besigye tees and he has now been picked by intelligence operatives from Amber House and we can’t find him at any police station around Kampala. As we look for him, I will continue wearing this tee that I got from him as my middle finger to the regime. Bloody cowards are even afraid of tee-shirts. Tee shirts.

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