Arrested Anti-Mugabe Protesters Finally Released

An anti-Mugabe protest which occurred a few days ago saw some fifteen people arrested by the police. It’s being reported that they were released on bail on Saturday.

The anti-Mugabe protesters were arrested during a vigil which was held at the Africa Unity Square in the capital, Harare. The protesters demanded for the nonagenarian president to step down.

They were charged with robbery and obstructing the course of justice, being granted a bail of $1,ooo each. Others were released on a $500 bail.

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The Africa Unity Square has been a common ground for protests since Itai Dzamara, a political activist popular for his protest at the same square disappeared a year ago.

It’s been alleged that the Zimbabwean military were responsible for the activist who had orchestrated the Occupy Africa Unity campaign. Itai’s brother, Patson was among the protesters who were arrested.

Some months ago, the main opposition party, Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) held an uncommonly large protest against President Mugabe.

Wearing the red color of the party, thousands marched against Mugabe at the Africa Unity Square. They protested the state of the economy, the high unemployment rate and poverty that has gripped the southern African nation.

They also demanded the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara. The protesters held placards bearing inscriptions such as; ‘ old clueless Mugabe must go’, ‘where are our 2.2 million jobs [which was promised by the president]’.

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The President who has stated his desire to run for the 2018 presidential elections has been faced with a rising opposition. To quell the opposing voices, the youth of the ruling ZANU-PF party organized a million-man march in honor of the nonagenarian.

The march saw thousands of supporters endorse the president for the forthcoming election under the sun at the event which took place on Africa day.