These Facts Will Tell You Everything About The Life and Career Success of Antoinette Bower

Antoinette Bower is a veteran film, TV, and stage actress, who rocked the screen for about four decades – from the mid-fifties down to the early nineties. In her prime, she appeared in widely watched TV series such as The Fugitive, Ben Casey, The Invaders, The Twilight Zone, and of course Combat!

What’s more, the popular entertainer also made appearances in blockbusters like Star Trek and Mission Impossible and has about 50 credits under her belt. Though she bowed out of the movie industry in the 1990s, the retired actress is still a hot topic to those who were privileged to see her in action.

Antoinette Bower Spent A Better Part Of Her Formative Years In England

Born on September 30, 1932, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Antoinette Bower was raised by her British parents. There are hardly any known details about her early childhood, education, siblings, parents, or what they did for a living. However, we know she didn’t start out as an American citizen. Bower spent a greater part of her formative years living in pre-world war two Europe, England to be precise before she made the big move to the United States.

There, the German-Brit took up American citizenship in addition to her dual nationality of British and German. We wish we could simply reel out details of her early education and the schools she attended right up to college, but much of those details are quite rare, especially as Bower hasn’t published an autobiography yet.

Nevertheless, we’re aware that she attended school in London. Besides, after she was established as an actress in LA, the famed entertainer took regular courses in carpentry, construction technology, and cabinet-making at Santa Monica College.

The Actress Had A Spell In Radio And TV Before Landing Gigs On The Stage

Soon after graduation, Antoinette Bower landed her first job as a Field Language Supervisor for the Germany-based International Refugee Organization (IRO); an experience that influenced her view of the world to a large extent. When they discontinued her IRO, the emerging actress decided to join her family in Canada, there, she joined a small-town radio station, working in her capacity as a disc jockey and a copywriter. In time, Antoinette went to Toronto where she made a stop at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation working most frequently for the CBC Public Affairs Dept.

Bit by bit, Bower found herself being drawn into the world of showbiz. She first started with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation live TV shows, before moving into theatre performance which she found to her liking, though Bower expressed her aversion to having to wait all day to work at night as she is basically a morning person.

A Visit To Friends In LA Opened An In-road Into Onscreen Roles

Her eureka moment, however, came in 1960 when Bower was visiting friends in the city of angels, she had a stroke of fate while making a few rounds and landed her first TV guest role. Within a short period of time, the emerging actress landed a second one and soon, Antoinette came to the realization that the time has come for her to make a move to Loss Angeles as commuting between the coasts with little or no warning was quite impossible.

Thus, she decided to change her base and relocated to Los Angeles for good. Then, Antoinette Bower was mostly a TV actress and landed occasional gigs in the theatre. She has been described as “too versatile for her own good.” What else would you expect from a smart, hardworking, actress?

Antoinette Bower Recorded More Small Screen Roles As Time Rolled By

Antoinette Bower
Antoinette Bower, Robert Clary, Bob Crane, and Ivan Dixon on set Hogan’s Heroes in 1965 image source

Bower’s forty-year-long career saw her appear in about fifty TV series and films, most notably, the Canadian TV series, Neon Rider; in which she appeared in forty-two episodes from 1989 to 1992. The series originally aired on CTV from 1990 to 1992 and then on YTV from 1992 to 1995.

Moreover, the actress made several appearances in other popular series such as Star Trek, Mission: Impossible( in four episodes), The Twilight Zone, The Invaders, Murder, She Wrote, Ben Casey, Combat, Columbo (playing the role of a woman murdered by her husband), The Fugitive, and The Six Million Dollar Man.

Others include Mannix (in four episodes), Twelve O’Clock High, The Big Valley, Perry Mason, The Kojak, and Hogan’s Heroes – appearing in three different roles, The famed actress has also worked alongside industry bigwigs such as Michael Pataki, Christopher Lloyd, and the adorable Shelly Winters. She shared the screen with the likes of Jean Simmons and Christopher Plummer on the set of the TV mini-series The Thorn Birds in 1983.

She Added An Extra Touch To Her Career With Movie Appearances

Antoinette Bower’s film appearances were also an extra touch to her career. She started with A Death of Innocence which was released in 1971, Bower joined the cast of Superbeast in 1972, the same year, she was cast in Die Sister, Die!, but the movie came to light in 1978. The movie star landed a role in 1980 Prom Night and in 1982, she was seen in both Time Walker and Blood Song.

Antoinette equally appeared in two movies in 1984 – The Evil That Men Do and The Cowboy and the Ballerina. 1986 Club Paradise also featured her on set. After a fulfilling acting career, Antoinette Bower, to the shock of fans, decided to call it quits in 1995. Though many believed she was only on a short time-out, decades later, it has become clear that she has gone to rest from her work for real. She is now enjoying a befitting retirement.

Antoinette Bower Has A Record Of One Marriage And One Divorce

As far as we know, Antoinette Bower was married to American artist James Francis Gill. Asides the name, we have no further details about their dating history; when they exchanged vows and the time and events leading to their eventual divorce.

There are also no records of them sharing a son or daughter but before Gill came into her life, Bower was rumoured to be romantically involved with fellow actor Theodore Marcuse. The claim stemmed from their near-perfect on-screen appearance as a couple. However, neither of the them came forward to neither confirmed nor rebuff the rumours at the time.

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