5 Interesting Things About Aoora And His Rise To Stardom

Music is a universal language that breaks barriers. It is one thing that everybody from any part of the world can love regardless of where it comes from. Singer and composer Aoora, who is signed to Blue Star Entertainment, is one of the many people that has been passionate about music and has been successful in turning his passion into a profitable career, garnering fans from not just his home country but from other places across the globe.

While Aoora began his career as a part of a musical group, he eventually became a solo artist after the group’s disbandment. Read on to discover five interesting facts you never knew about the South Korean music artist as well as his journey to stardom.

Details of His Early Life

The singer was born in South Korea as Park Geun Lee on 10th January 1986. While there is little to no information about his family background, it is known that he is a graduate of Seoul Arts High School and Seoul National University of Arts and Dance.

Aside from singing, rapping, and dancing, Aoora is very good at video editing, composing, designing costumes and playing the piano. In 2007, he was debuted as a member of the K-R&B boy band, ONE-X which got disbanded soon after making their debut with the release of a digital single. Following the group’s disbandment, he put his solo career to a get-go by adopting the stage name, gn.E. He dropped a few singles under the moniker before he became known professionally as Aoora.

5 Interesting Things About Aoora and His Rise to Stardom

1. Aoora is a Former Member of Double-A

Aoora, who participated in musical performances and also composed an album prior to joining Double-A, was practically shot to fame following his activities as a member of the group.

Double-A was a South Korean boy band created in 2011 by Wellmade Yedang formerly known as Well Made STAR M. He was the founding member of the group before Woosang, Joowon, Jinhong, Hoik, and Kimchi were added to the boy band. They made their debut with the release of a single titled, ‘So Crazy’ which was critically acclaimed as they went on to perform the song on various music shows such as KBS’ Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, SBS’ Inkigayo and JTBC’s Music on Top.

In 2013, Double-A released a mini-album titled ‘Come Back!’ which had six tracks that were all composed, arranged and produced by Aoora. By 2015, Joowon, Woosang, Jinhong, and Kimchi left the boy band, leaving Hoik and Aoora as the only members of Double-A. The two later formed a sub-unit called AOORA & HOIK and they went on to release the single ‘Morning, Afternoon, Evening’ in October 2015. However, in May 2016, Aoora left the group following the expiry of his contract.

2. His Partnership with Edward Avila

Aoora and Edward Avila (image source)

In early 2017, Aoora formed an EDM Duo with producer Friday called Trophy Cat. The duo has dropped three remixes which include a remix of ‘Smooth’ by Aoora featuring Seri, released in April 2017. In the next month, Trophy Cat made a remix of Taeyeon’s song ‘Fine’ and also ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran. In June 2017, they partnered with Edward Avila who is a widely known beauty blogger, YouTuber and music artist to release their first digital single ‘Stay’. Following the release of the single, it garnered over 400,000 views on YouTube.

A few months later, Trophy Cat collaborated once again with Avila to release their second digital single titled ‘Body’ which amassed over 300,000 YouTube views. They also uploaded the dance practice video of the single on YouTube where Avila is a celebrated figure.

As a result of Aoora’s collaboration with Avila, he has attained much popularity and has constantly been in the limelight as he has become close friends with the internet personality who sometimes features him on his vlogs.

3. Aoora’s Discography

In 2009, Aoora dropped a duet called ‘Dream’ with Kim Sunghee which he personally wrote, arranged and composed alongside Sunghee. After leaving Double-A in 2016, he began sharing original music on his self-titled YouTube channel that has over 90,000 subscribers. His digital singles include ‘Najjyeobam (Body Party)’, ‘Vanilla Sky’, ‘#Can’t Stop’, ‘Hanbeon Deohaeyo (One More Time)’, ‘Nappeunson (Body Talk)’, ‘Keojyeotda Jagajyetda (Grab or Bite)’, ‘Lovestagram’, ‘Moonlight Bloom’, ‘Juicy’, ‘Blue Ocean’ and ‘Harder’.

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4. His Future Project

Aoora who is still part of the EDM duo Trophy Cat has revealed his intention of debuting in another K-Pop boy band called G.T.I along with Sibong and Donggyun. Following their plans of making a debut, the trio has created an official channel on YouTube called GTI Official.

5. Aoora’s Body Measurements

The skilled rap artist is a good looking dude with a slim body build. He has an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.76 m) which complements his body weight of about 61 kg (134 lbs). His other body measurements are not yet available.


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