Analyzing The Works That Brought Aparna Brielle To Fame as an Actress and Her Family Ties

Aparna Brielle is an American actress who also doubles as a producer and who has steadily gained steam as a movie star to reckon with in Hollywood. Apparently, modern-day Hollywood is emphasizing on ethnic diversity and inclusion; and one person who is contributing her own bit to this movement is Brielle as she also happens to be an Indian.

Brielle has appeared in several movies and TV series. However, she is most famous for her role as a brainy student, Sarika Sarkar, on the NBC comedy, A.P. Bio. Over the years, she has proven to be a hard-working thespian whose eyes are set on becoming a well-established movie star and the story of her rise to stardom is one worth reading.

She Started Her Acting Career With Minor Roles

Born on the 5th of February, 1994 Aparna Brielle whose birth name is Aparna Parthasarathy, made her Hollywood debut in the year 2012 with a minor appearance in Sunshine Girl and the Hunt for Black Eyed Kids, an Adventure/Horror film. Over the next few years, she starred in other minor roles, gaining the needed experience. In 2013, she portrayed Lylyth in Infinite Issues, a web series. Aparna Brielle was part of the main cast.

In the year 2014, Aparna Brielle appeared in an episode of the NBC supernatural drama series, Grimm. After that, she garnered a string of guest appearances in other TV series including The Librarians, an American fantasy-adventure television series in 2015, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, a TV sitcom, and D-Sides, a TV series in 2016.

Aparna Brielle and Camille Collard in Grimm.

NBC’s Comedy Series, A.P. Bio Brought Her Big Break

Having put in lots of hard work since her debut in Hollywood, it was certain that Aparna Brielle would not spend too much time before she lands a breakout role. The actress eventually had that big break in 2018. Her hard work paid off that year when she landed a recurring role on the NBC comedy, A.P. Bio. The series revolves around a disgraced former Harvard professor, Jack Griffin, who takes a job as a biology teacher in a high school. He subsequently uses his students to get back at people he believes have wronged him.

In A.P. Bio, Brielle plays the role of a career-driven and brilliant student known as Sarika Sarkar. Her character sees through Griffin’s B.S. and mobilizes her fellow students to undermine his schemes. A.P. Bio debuted in March 2018 and has received positive reviews. Brielle, in particular, has been singled out for praise with her character described as one of the highlights of the show. When the show began, it helped to launch Aparna Brielle to widespread fame and expanded her fanbase considerably.

After landing the role in A.P. Bio, Aparna Brielle secured another major role in 2019 when she was cast to play Jihad in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, an American buddy comedy film. The movie was released to an approval rating of 66% and made headlines, helping to gain Brielle even more exposure.

Aparna Brielle
Aparna Brielle, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Treshelle Edmond, Alice Wen, and Harley Quinn Smith in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

In 2020, Aparna Brielle stars as Lali in Swiss and Lali Hijack Hollywood, a TV series. She also continues starring in A.P. Bio. So far, she has appeared in more than 30 episodes and is still going strong as Sarika Sarkar.

Aparna Brielle’s Family Were Supportive of Her Career Path

Aparna Brielle was born in Clackamas, Oregon, USA, and hails from a family of four. She was born to Indian parents; a father whose name has been revealed to be Partha Rajagopal and a mother named Girija Parthasarathy. Apparently, even though she is an American woman, the actress is also of Indian descent.

The actress is very fond of her parents. In a 2019 interview, Aparna Brielle openly described her parents as ‘wonderful people’ and the reason for this is not far-fetched. Brille’s parents not only supported her acting aspirations but also financed all the classes she took to hone her skills right from when she was a little girl.

Aparna Brielle did not grow up as an only child; she also has a younger brother named Vijay. The actress occasionally expresses her fondness for her brother on social media like on his birthday on the 19th of September 2018, she wished him a happy birthday on her Instagram page.

Inside Aparna Brielle’s Exciting Childhood

Aparna Brielle apparently had an exciting childhood. Recounting how she was born, the actress explained that her birth was initially supposed to take place at the St Vincent’s hospital, Southwest Portland, but the hospital ran out of beds and her parents had to head to Clackamas.

Because her parents had realized her potentials for the arts, they got her enrolled in acting and dancing classes from when she was a child. She spent her early days learning dance and acting.

Brielle spent her formative years in Cedar Mill, Portland, and completed her freshman and sophomore year at Valley Catholic High School. After that, she transferred to the Arts and Communication Magnet Academy, Beaverton where she obtained her high school diploma. Her educational pursuits did not stop at this juncture.

The actress also studied marketing at Linfield College, Oregon. She was quite an exceptional student during her college days and obtained her degree in three years rather than the regulation of four years.

Is The Actress In Love?

Fans have been quite curious about whether or not Aparna Brielle is romantically linked to any man at the moment. However, our findings have revealed that the actress is neither married nor does she have any boyfriend. The actress seems more focused on building an accomplished Hollywood career rather than getting entangled in romantic liaisons.

Despite this lack of a love life, Brielle has a network of loyal buddies whom she can always rely on. One of her very good friends is Harley Quinn Smith. Smith is an actress and musician as well as the daughter of the filmmaker, Kenny Smith. Brielle and Smith co-starred in one of her father’s films titled Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

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