Nigeria’s Ruling Party Declares A 2019-Endorsement For Buhari

Just 1 year after the taking over of office from the past administration, the APC ‘caucus’ has already has declared a 2019-endorsement for Buhari. Endorsing Buhari for a second term in office literally says ‘no vacancy’ in 2019. The Caucus includes- past and present governors, the National Assembly representatives and selected members of the party.

Perhaps it will be best if the number of terms be summatively fixed at 8 years. It’s almost a practical joke to imagine that any African President will settle for just one tenure. There is always a legal and illegal plan to prolong the number of terms to serve. As much as we hope for a disappointment, we know how the story will likely unfold. With a public 2019-endorsement by the party, President Buhari has a clear ground not just to run for presidency but to return again as President of the federation.

Bearing in mind the timing of this news, APC makes it clear that the endorsement represents the party and not the proposition of Mr. President. In other words, this was publicly done to let Mr. President know that he has the green light to run for a 2nd term if he so wishes.

Clarifying the endorsement, the national chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, says the essence of the committee and the 2019-endorsement though early was done for the best interest of party affairs.

“With Buhari contesting in 2019, those who have been squabbling will now have to queue up behind him and put the interest of the party ahead,”– Unknown Source (Vanguard)

APC party chairman made it clear that his office is not threatened because of this. He equally requested patience from Nigerians to redeem their campaign promises. The idea behind the 2019-endorsement of President Buhari for a second term is supposedly to help ‘stabilize the polity in the face of what members described as the 16-year rot inherited from Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.’

On the other hand, an additional tenure might be in place considering the current state of Nigerian economy which has been a sad story since his tenure. However, he has also contributed in the recovering of humongous loots over the years.

Generally speaking, the current reactions of Nigerians over the harsh economic realities they face might not necessarily be in line with the APC’s political sentiments.

As expected, the President has not made such intentions open to the public at the moment. Logically that will be absurd. It’s just one year of his civilian administration, declaring such ambitions now will be out of place. It is largely speculated that the party’s declaration is a “lure” to make President Buhari consider the option.

The question really is, looking back on this one year, what should make Nigerians smile at a 2nd term ambition for Mr. President?