Chinese Authorities Claim Widespread Apple iPhone Battery Problems

It’s not quite the tragedy that was Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, otherwise known as the exploding phone fiasco, but Apple iPhones seem to be having some problems with their batteries.

According to Chinese authorities, a problem is causing Apple iPhones to unexpectedly shut down and it is a problem bigger than what Apple has owned up to. They say that it affects the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6s Plus devices and not just the iPhone 6s like Apple has claimed.

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A government watchdog group, the China Consumers Association, said on November 30, that Apple needs to take further measures to address the problem, and accused the company of failing to “meet basic consumer needs for normal wireless communication.”

The November 30 notice was the second that the group has sent to Apple in under a month and is a perfect picture of just how big a player Beijing has become in matters of overseeing the Cupertino-based hardware maker.

Apple iPhones

Apparently, consumers in China and some from other parts of the world have been complaining that their iPhones are shutting down, even though their batteries reportedly still have 30% power remaining.

Following the reports, Apple published a global notice on November 20 to address the issue. In it they wrote that a “very small number of iPhone 6s devices” produced between September and October 2015 “may unexpectedly shut down,” they then said that consumers whose  iPhone matched a serial number on Apple’s website could bring their device to an Apple Store or authorized reseller and replace the battery for free.

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That was not enough for the China Consumer Association who wrote in their November 30 notice that Apple should offer fixes for other models experiencing the malfunction, and to provide a more thorough explanation of why it is happening.

To make an already grave matter potentially worse, some Chinese consumers are complaining that Apple’s battery replacement does not solve the shutdown issue. One can only wonder if the back and forth will damage Apple’s reputation like Samsung’s was affected by the exploding Note 7.