Tale Of The Blowing Up 7s– iPhone 7 Joins The Bandwagon

In wake of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blowing up fiasco, it seems Apple’s iPhone 7 is catching up with the trend, albeit unwillingly.

A few days ago, the latest flagship of the iPhone caught fire. The owner is said to have opened his order to reveal an iPhone 7 which blew up in transit. The situation is however different from that of the Note 7 which had a battery problem that resulted in the phone exploding especially while being charged.

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However, the iPhone seems to have been delivered in the charred condition. The photo was posted on Reddit by user ‘kroopthesnoop’. The owner of the phone was unharmed, as well as the box in which the phone came in, leading to lots of questions and speculations on the cause of the explosion and the legitimacy of the accusation.

Two Apple's iPhone 7 Blow Up In A Week

Another one of Apple’s iPhone 7 blew up recently, this time without catching fire.

From the photo it can be seen that the display is detached from the rear part of the phone. Tests have revealed that the iPhone cannot be dismantled except with the right tools, so clearly something affecting the battery might have caused it to blow up.

Phones explode all the time even before the massive recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The Samsung flagship only brought awareness to the fact that smartphone batteries are predisposed to danger.

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Apple fanatics believe its nothing serious– although to be fair, most people thought the blowing up Galaxy Note 7 was nothing serious.

Apple is yet to release a statement on the supposed cause of the exploded iPhone 7s. Anyway, it’s not looking like Apple will have a massive callback for all its latest flagship unless it proves to be something affecting all iPhone 7s collectively.