April Rolfe

Many people know about the success James Rolfe has achieved as an actor, comic artist, filmmaker, and internet personality, but just a few know about his significant half, April Rolfe who has played a predominant role in the career of her husband and still holds their family of four together. James Rolfe’s wife has established herself in the entertainment industry as an assistant camera, production coordinator and assistant as well as working as an executive producer.

It’s quite evident that April’s husband is a globally recognised figure who has gained wide attention for creating the popular web television series, Angry Video Game Nerd and Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. He is equally known for his board games and classic horror films reviews, with his YouTube channels attracting over 3 million subscribers alongside combined total views that are more than 1.4 billion. However, there is a lot to learn about the skilled production assistant and mother of two and this article will definitely help you get to know everything about James Rolfe’s wife.

April Rolfe’s Bio

April Rolfe has not revealed much of her private life details to the public as the information regarding her place of birth, parents, siblings, and childhood are not yet available on the media. It is known, however, that she was born as April L. Chmura on 2nd December 1984, with her husband being four years older than her as he was born on 10th July 1980 in Haddonfield, New Jersey, United States.

Her Career Achievements

The gorgeous wife of the famous internet personality, James Rolfe was first recognised for her work as a production assistant in the 2005 short horror video titled, The Deader the Better which is the story of two men working at a cemetery who have to face the horde of zombies that rise out of the ground every night. The short video that was written and directed by James Rolfe featured David Francis, Jason Goodrich, Steven J. Waszky and others.

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In the following year, she worked as the assistant camera for two episodes of the comedy/talk show TV series, The Angry Video Game Nerd, created by her husband James Rolfe, the series clinched the Best Online Video Web Series Award at the 2009 edition of Mashable Open Web Awards as well as Gold Creator Award during the YouTube Creator Awards.

Then in 2014, April Rolfe gained prominence for the significant roles she played in a good number of her husband’s works which include serving as the production coordinator of the 2014 comedy/sci-fi movie, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, starring James Rolfe, Jeremy Suarez, Sarah Glendening, Bobby Reed, and several others.

April was further cast among the extras of the same comedy/sci-fi movie that was written and directed by Kevin Finn and James Rolfe. In addition to her works, the skillful wife of James Rolfe equally depicted her versatility by working as the executive producer of the Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. She was also featured in the 2011 short comedy video titled, Michelangelo’s Pizza Taste Test, alongside Mike Matei, Stephanie Yuhas, Lee Rosenfeldt, and James Rolfe.

Following her works in the Angry Video Game Nerd, April Rolfe has gone on to cite some of her favorite episodes which includes Christmas Carol Part 2, Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Blowout, Game Glitches, Indiana Jones, Christmas Special 2010, Ninja Gaiden & R. O. B the Robot, Nintendo World Champions, Batman Part 2, among several others.

April Rolfe’s Net Worth

April Rolfe has carried out amazing works which of course have earned her a fortune, however, her financial value is not publicly known unsurprisingly as she is very secretive. Nevertheless, judging from her husband’s $600 thousand, April is far from penury.

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April Rolfe’s Family

April Rolfe
April Rolfe and family image source

April Rolfe got acquainted with her now-husband, James Rolfe in July 2004. Soon after, the pair kicked off a romantic affair which eventually led to the solemnization of the union in November 2007. Later in November 2012, when April was pregnant with her first child, her husband publicised it during the premiere trailer of Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. Then in the following year, the couple welcomed their first daughter.

Later on, they revealed that April had complications during childbirth as her daughter suffered nerve damage in one of her arms for which they sought for continual medical treatment that lasted for many months, fortunately, she has now gained full use of her arm. In April 2017, James Rolfe announced that they were expecting the arrival of their second child and a few months later, April Rolfe gave birth to their second daughter in August 2017.

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