Are Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Married, Engaged Or Just Dating?

For quite some years now, there have been speculations that Jamie Foxx is in a closed relationship with Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise. Though the two powerful celebrities have been in denial, however, recent activities by the pair have strengthened the suspicion of the media.

Here are details surrounding their secret affair and why it took them so long to disclose their relationship status to the public. Without a doubt, both are superstars in their rights due to their various achievements in their fields of endeavors. So let’s dig into the love and romance story of Jamie and Katie.

Are Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Married, Engaged Or Just Dating?

Following her highly publicized divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012, there were rumours that Katie Holmes was having an affair with the 5 feet, 9 inches African-American versatile entertainer Eric Marlon Bishop more popularly known as Jamie Foxx. Initially, they denied it, on the basis that they had been friends since 2006 but the rumour which was set off around 2013, after they were seen having a good time at a benefit charity concert gained momentum by the day.

Understandably, two of the reasons the two love birds would have kept things on the down-low is out of respect to the person of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce settlement bounded her to keep her next relationship under wraps. As they say, love happens, so maybe the two hooking-up may not be a betrayal of the close friendship Jamie shared with Tom.

As it stands now, the rumour that the two are in a relationship in the past six years is no longer news as they have been seen publicly holding hands and even displaying affections. The latest story was that the pair were engaged because, in November 2018, Katie Holmes was spotted with a diamond ring on her left hand but nothing has been confirmed by the parties involved.

Even though it may seem that they are being all tight-lipped about their affair, it is an obvious fact that they are matured adult in love, and having the time of their lives.

However, the current development could mean there is trouble in paradise. The story making the rounds in the media, as of August 2019, claims that the discrete they love birds have now gone their separate ways since May 2019.

This claim is strengthened by the fact that the record producer, Foxx was sighted with the Utah born pop singer and model Sela Vave in Los Angeles exiting the Bootsy nightclub, on the 19th of August 2019. Vave is the newest sign-on artist of Jamie record label. For all we know maybe there may not be any truth in this. But another source alleged that Katie told some of her friends that she and Foxx were no longer an item since May 2019.

Their last time together as a couple was on 6th May 2019 at Met Gala event.

Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes
Jamie Foxx with Pop singer Sela Vave Image Source

As it stands now, it is not known if there is any truth in their split or they are just taking some time off from their relationship or they will patch things up and get married?. Both are not giving us anything to go by as they have not made any public announcement as to what is going on. Perhaps, we will hold our breath and wait patiently to see how it all pans out.

The multi-millionaire ace comedian and actor, Eric Morlon Bishop, popularly known as Jamie Foxx, is a native of Terrell, Texas USA. The Grammy-award winner is a decade and a year older than Katie Holmes being born on December 13, 1967, but that had not been any issues.

The graduate of the United States International University, set his career sailing in the entertainment industry after he partook in Open Mike Challenge and in no time he became famed for his movie roles in Living Colour (1991) and his personal television show (Jamie Foxx Show) in 1996 through to 2001.

Katie Holmes, on the other hand, hails from Toledo, Ohio and bears Kate Noelle Holmes. Just like her man, she has been one of the industry’s best actress since she joined in 1997 before she eventually became a great director and producer.

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Coincidentally, both Katie and Jamie share some other things in common apart from their career. They were born on the same month, as she was also born on 18th December 1978 as one of the five children of Martin Joseph Holmes and Kathleen. Plus, they are both dedicated parents to their children.


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