Are You Wrong For Not Giving Up Your Seat?

Giving up your seat seems like such an old fashioned concept thinking strictly of things we witness these days. By considering the subject of ‘giving up your seat’, we are referring to the instances when you stand up from a seat in a public space which is rightfully yours by virtue of your arriving there first, for some other person.

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While this can be done for any number of reasons and is sometimes even romantically inclined, we refer here to giving up your seat to someone who seemingly needs it more than yourself inclusive of; pregnant women, women with infants, aged people or visibly sick and weak individuals.


Instances of this happening in our crowded cities which often result in too many bodies in a place at any particular time have greatly reduced. Where it was almost an unstated custom to have a young man or woman stand up to allow an older person sit down before, there is a sense now where almost everyone feels that they are entitled to their seat. Speaking logically, this does not seem like such a wrong sentiment, after all, it could be argued that most of us are quite tired.

We should however explore this further; you just had a crazy busy day at work and afterwards you even run by a store to buy some stuff, giving you the added burden of a bag full of varied items. Tired as you are, you get on a bus that is already full and you have to stand awkwardly for a few minutes clutching your bags to yourself before someone finally alights at a bus stop and you lower yourself into a seat. Just as a smile of relief is about to decorate your face, a pregnant woman steps in and she looks tired. Every other person in the bus seems to get suddenly interested in doing something so much so that they cannot notice, her leaving you to make a difficult choice; give up your seat for her or stay seated.

Not Giving Up Your Seat Doesn’t Make You Evil

It will help to state now what you are not if you do not give up said seat and so we will go right ahead, you are not; a monster, exceedingly evil, the devil, totally lacking compassion or any other terrible tag anybody may think up. In the moment you have to make that decision however, you must think back or imagine forward, to a time when you will be that woman, or when you will be a much older person and you must determine if you would like someone else to stand up for you, then you can do exactly as you wish.

Giving Up Your Seat

Remember that while you may not be wrong for not giving up your seat, every single person you will ever meet, likewise has the right to keep theirs, and it is up to you to decide which person you want to be.

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