Arlene Silver Bio – Age, Wiki & Facts About Dick Van Dyke’s Wife

Arlene Silver is a talented, professional makeup artist who became popular when she became romantically linked with the famous actor – Dick Van Dyke. Their relationship and eventual marriage caused an uproar in the media and different quarters; the major bone of contention was their age difference.

Clearly, there’s a lot to know about Arlene. Learn more about the talented makeup artist and the celebrity wife below.

Arlene Silver’s Biography & Age

Arlene Silver was born on the 21st of September, 1971 in New York. Her early childhood was spent in the Bronx before she relocated to California to attend California University for her college education.

Arlene had a flair for fashion and makeup and soon began to develop herself to work in her chosen career. She worked in the makeup and art department on the sets of various films before becoming a professional make up artist.

She has been credited as a makeup artist in Carolina (2003), The Men of Delta Farce Salute the Troops (2007), Hacienda Confidential (2007), Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses (2007), Making Witless: The Cast On The Cast (2008), Murder 101: New Age (2008), Die Laughing (2008), The Caretaker 3D (2010), Merry Xmas (2015), amongst other short films.

Arlene Silver is a hard worker who is well known in her line of work. Unsurprisingly, she met the love of her life in her line of work.

Arlene Silver’s Relationship & Personal Life

Arlene Silver
Arlene & husband, Dick Van Dyke: Image Source

In 2006, Arlene attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards dinner. Richard Wayne Van Dyke who is known as ‘Dick’ saw Arlene and was captivated by her stunning look. Dyke later confessed that it was out of character for him but he walked up to her and introduced himself. They struck up a conversation and fell into friendship.

Arlene, on the other hand, admits that she recognized him as the man in Mary Poppins but hadn’t seen most of his other films or works.

Arlene Silver’s husband, Dick Van Dyke is a famous actor, dancer, singer, and comedian whose career has spanned over several decades. He has featured is a series of comedy movies and television shows over the years. He was previously married to Margie Willet with whom he had four children. After a long period of estrangement, they finally got divorced in 1984. He went ahead to date another actress, Michelle Triola. Although they didn’t get married, they were in a loving relationship for over thirty years. Unfortunately, Michelle died in 2009. After losing Michelle, the actor became lonely; and as Van Dyke will later confess, he is not a loner and can’t be without having a life partner.

The actor, having fallen in love with Arlene Silver, decided to make her his makeup artist so he could get close to her. They soon began to date and were in a relationship for 6 years before they finally got married.

Their marriage was a spur of the moment decision in a Malibu Chapel on the 29th of February 2012 with Arlene being forty years at the time and Van Dyke being eight-six years. They hosted a big reception in September of the same year themed “Seafoam Circus”.

The couple have been criticized for different reasons. The actor has been criticized for marrying again especially at a very advanced age. Arlene silver, on the other hand, has been criticized for marrying a man forty-six years older than her.

In response to naysayers, Arlene Silver asserts that age is nothing when it comes to love. Moreover, Dick Van Dyke is still very young at heart and she is having the best time with her husband. The actor’s response to his marriage to Arlene is that it was one of the smartest moves he has ever made. The couple has remained best friends which have helped them remain close and happy.

Facts About Dick Van Dyke’s Wife

1. Arlene Silver’s marriage to Van Dyke is her first. She believes in fairy tales and that Dick Van Dyke is her ‘prince charming’. She admits going through lots of frogs to get her prince and describes him as a perfect human being and partner.

2. Her marriage to the actor has afforded her some free time and she has picked up some hobbies. One of them is belly dancing and she seems to be quite good at it.

3. Arlene Silver is quite active on social media, especially Instagram where she posts pictures of her and her husband goofing around. The couple really seems to be living their best lives.


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