Ashley Alvano

When popular American basketball player, LaMelo Ball, gave the public a peek into his love life, it was both a plus and minus for his suddenly-famous teen girlfriend, Ashley Alvano. With more popularity came the propensity for backlash. Who knows? It could’ve been the fuel for their split shortly afterward. Breakup notwithstanding, Alvano already found herself in the spotlight and has since become a subject of much interest from fans and foes. Here is a detailed biography of her including facts from the relationship that made her famous.

Ashley Alvano’s Bio, Age

Ashley Alvano was born in California, the USA on the 21st of December, 2000. Although American, Alvano’s roots could be traced back to Asia. While her relationship with LaMelo Ball put her in the public eye, Alvano seems to have succeeded in keeping her details about her childhood, early education, parents or what they do for a living, off the public eye. At best, only speculations can be made about her formal educational background.

Seeing how well she communicates to her fans and followers, it’s highly probable she had a formal education; even though there are no specifics about where she attended High School or her college education. When it gets public, we’re sure to let you know first. Also, we want to believe that Ashely Alvano, still a teenager as of 2019 is diligently pursuing her education, however, the specifics remain unclear though.

Net Worth

As of early 2019, sources reveal no details about Ashely Alvano’s net worth or her annual take home. However, her soaring popularity on Instagram will soon make it an income stream for the beautiful lady, that’s if it’s not so already. In the meantime, her ex-boyfriend earns a whole lot from his basketball and TV careers. Plus, the youngster is a successful entrepreneur with his own fashion shoe line, the Melo Ball One. According to sources, the shoes cost around $395. So far the incredible sales earn him no less than $300,000 annually. According to sources, his net worth is estimated at $4 million. He boats over 4 million followers on Instagram.

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Boyfriend or Husband

Ashley Alvano.
Ashley Alvano and her ex-boyfriend, LaMelo Ball.

Long before her relationship with the young basketball player, Ashley Alvano had been active on social media; albeit less announced and celebrated. Plus, she hardly garnered many followers. But as pictures of Alvano continued to surface on his page, it didn’t take long before LaMelo’s fans got to know something was cooking up. Then he confirmed it. How?
For some time now, the Ball family feature in a web TV series, Ball in the Family. The show chronicles the life of their father, LaVar Ball, his wife, Tina, and their three sons; LaMelo inclusive.

That fateful day, the series aired a birthday episode to mark LaMelo’s 16th birthday. It was the perfect platform to reveal the woman in his life, and the basketball star didn’t disappoint his fans. At the time of the revelation, they started dating in September 2017. Consequently, Alvano’s fame shot over the roof. LaMelo’s fan base became hers, and that was a whole lot of following for a once-obscure teenage girl.

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Unfortunately, their relationship ran its course in November of that year. But her celebrity-status had come to stay. From barely 40k followers on Instagram, Alvano now has over 144k followers. However, she’s not on Twitter or Facebook. In the many pictures she’s uploaded since that time, Ashley Alvano hasn’t shared much about her family; siblings, relatives or parents. Nevertheless, she blended more with the Ball brothers; LiAngelo and Lonzo. Like their brother, LaMelo, they also play professional basketball. She also befriended their girlfriends, Isabella Morris, and Denise Gracia.

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Height and Body Measurement

Judging from her picturesque looks and build, Ashley Alvano would easily pass for a model. So far, it isn’t clear if she intends to venture that far, but if she does, she’ll be a worthy competition for existing young models and she doesn’t fail to prove it. Her social media feeds are awash with incredible pictures; revealing her as a fitness freak who is dedicated to looking good. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall; has brown hair and bluish-grey eyes.

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