Ashley Alvano’s Life Before Fame and Why She Ended Her Relationship With LaMelo Ball

When popular American basketball player, LaMelo Ball, gave the public a peek into his love life, it was both a plus and minus for his suddenly-famous teen girlfriend, Ashley Alvano. With more popularity came the propensity for backlash. Who knows? It could’ve been the fuel for their split shortly afterward.

Breakup notwithstanding, Alvano already found herself in the spotlight and has since become a subject of much interest from fans and foes. A long while after their break up, she has still managed to keep hold of the fame it has brought to her. She has become a social media personality thanks to the high followership she has acquired on various social media platforms including Instagram and Snapchat.

Ashley Alvano Was A Resident Of Chino Hills

Ashley Alvano was born in California, the USA on the 21st of December, 2000. Although American, Alvano’s roots could be traced back to Asia. While her relationship with LaMelo Ball put her in the public eye, Alvano seems to have succeeded in keeping her details about her childhood, early education, parents, or what they do for a living, off the public eye. At best, only speculations can be made about her formal educational background.

While Ball attended Chino Hills High School before he was withdrawn by his father to concentrate on basketball, it is revealed that Ashley was also a resident of the California neighborhood, Chino Hills.

Seeing how well she communicates to her fans and followers, it’s highly probable she had a formal education; even though there are no specifics about where she attended High School or her college education.

She Started Dating LaMelo Ball Before She Was 17

Ashley Alvano
LaMelo Ball and Ashley Alvano (Image Source)

The relationship between Ashley Alvano and LaMelo Ball began even before the basketballer who was born in 2001 turned 16 and before Ashley was 17. The two were said to be in the same neighborhood, but that was all that was known about how they started.

Hints that something could be going between them started as pictures of Alvano continued to surface on the social media pages of Ball, although he continued to deny that he had a girlfriend. It didn’t take long before LaMelo’s fans got to know something was cooking up between the young star and the then-unknown beauty. But it wouldn’t take too long before fans got the confirmation to what was already in the speculation tubes.

The confirmation was done in style through a web TV series, Ball in the Family, in which the Ball family is featured. The show chronicles the life of their father, LaVar Ball, his wife, Tina, and their three sons; LaMelo inclusive. That fateful day, the series aired a birthday episode to mark LaMelo’s 16th birthday. It was not only the perfect platform and day for him to release his signature sneakers and show off his new Lambo, but also a perfect one for the young Ball to reveal the woman in his life, and the basketball star didn’t disappoint his fans.

At the time of the revelation, they started dating in September 2017. Consequently, Alvano’s fame shot over the roof. LaMelo’s fan base became hers, and that was a whole lot of following for a once-obscure teenage girl.

Their Young Love Was Marred By Cheating Rumors Before It Ended

The moment it was out in the open that LaMelo and Ashley were an item, the popular opinion was that the two young lovers formed a very beautiful couple. Unfortunately, beauty was not enough to keep them together.

By November of the same year that they were said to have started dating, rumors came out that they had broken up, but it was later found out that they were still dating. They would continue dating until January 2019 when they both confirmed on their Instagram accounts that they were no longer together.

The initial rumor was that she cheated on him and she got pregnant. However, in response to a comment on a now-deleted Instagram post, she stated none of that was true as she came to know her worth. She also claimed that she cried for him many nights before deciding to end the relationship. That said, they were both later seen hanging out a few months after they ended their relationship, although they have not returned to each other.

Ashley was later linked to Jordan Ray, a close friend to Ball, who was accused of having an affair with her, although he came out to deny the rumors, stating that they were only friends. On his part, LaMelo has since kept his love life away from the prying eyes of the public.

Ashley Alvano Is A Fitness Freak

The first thing that comes to mind when the name Ashley Alvano is mentioned is her relationship with Ball. However, beyond that, she is quite a hardworking young woman who is a fitness enthusiast as well as a social media star.

Ashley has built good followership on social media partly because of her relationship with LaMelo Ball and partly because of her good looks. Judging from her great looks and complementing body build, Ashley Alvano would easily pass for a model. So far, it isn’t clear if she intends to venture that far, but if she does, she’ll be a worthy competition for existing young models and she doesn’t fail to prove it.


Her social media feeds are awash with incredible pictures; revealing her as a fitness freak who is dedicated to looking good. She may not cut it among the tallest women, most especially when she stands beside her ex-lover, but she still has a good height that doesn’t take away her beauty. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall; has brown hair and bluish-grey eyes.

While it is not known how much Alvano makes as a social media enthusiast, her ex-boyfriend on the other hand earns a whole lot from his basketball and TV careers. Additionally, the youngster is a successful entrepreneur with his own fashion shoe line, the Melo Ball One. According to sources, the shoes cost around $395. So far the incredible sales earn him no less than $300,000 annually. According to sources, his net worth is estimated at $4 million. He boats over 4 million followers on Instagram.


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