Juicy Details of How Ashley Martelle Went From an Escort to a Well Known Influencer

Ashley Martelle is an internet sensation whose exceptional beauty launched her to stardom on Instagram. Although she may not be one of the biggest stars on the platform, she has created a niche for herself on the social media site, managing to get the attention of many.

There are many layers to this gorgeous looking Instagram star’s life which makes the work she does as a social media personality one of the many pursuits she has embarked on. Martelle is believed to have previously worked as an escort with the popular escort group, Taz Angels.

Ashley Martelle Had a Very Enterprising Life as an Escort

Prior to Ashley Martelle becoming a social media personality, she had worked in a variety of jobs. The first job she is known to have had was that of an escort. Before that, she is said to have been in the marines for a short while before becoming a stripper. It was at her job as a stripper that she met a man called Taz who introduced her to his escort business.

Initially, it was not clear what roles the girls played in Taz’s life and what he did for them but a short while after, it came to the limelight that his escort business was indeed a prostitution ring. The girls all lived in the same house and would get gigs from Taz.

Participating in sex-work was not all the girls did as they also created a clothing line called Caviar Blaque. Their line featured clothes they had designed which were mostly branded hoodies, sweaters, and T-shirts.

With the group, Ashley Martelle’s carefree life made her the favorite of most of their clients. She was in fact responsible for the fame that the group enjoyed when she joined them. More so, they got more mainstream attention when model Amber Rose publicly expressed how Ashley had won her heart. She even admitted to having a crush on her.

She Gained Mainstream Fame On Instagram after Leaving Taz’s Angels

After being a member of Taz’s Angels for more than a year, Ashley Martelle gave up on the group in 2015. She was one of the first few people who left the now-defunct group. While no clear reason has ever been given for her exit from the Taz’s Angels, it has been speculated that since her exit coincided with when she got into a relationship with record producer Irv Gotti, she most likely left the group because of her relationship.

It was also gathered that Martelle joined Instagram in 2014, by then she had already started to gain some level of fame for being a part of Taz’s Angels. On Instagram, she started off by making regular picture uploads like every other active Instagram user. Over time, the number of followers she had kept growing. Things took a new turn after a picture she uploaded in 2014 got everyone talking.

Most of the work Martelle does on social media features her modeling different pieces of clothing items with her signature blonde hair. She has also transitioned to include other activities on her social media account, such as acting in skits where she plays different characters.

More so, Ashley Martelle has taken on painting. It is not clear when her foray into the arts began but she started to upload her art on her Instagram account in 2017. The first one she put up was a painting of Tupac which was followed by several other paintings of notable people, including Malcolm X.

The Louisiana Native is Doing Very Well But Her Earnings Are Not Public Knowledge

Ashley Martelle is from the U.S. state of Louisiana but was raised in Miami, Florida where it is believed that she currently resides. As mentioned above, she has tried her hands at several occupations to make ends meet. She has worked as an escort, model, and media personality. In addition, she has a clothing line that she launched shortly after leaving Taz’s Angels. It is also believed that while she was with the group, she earned a lot.

As an Instagram star, Ashley makes a reasonable sum from her many picture and video uploads that advertise one thing or the other. From all of these endeavors, it is assumed that she has a net worth that runs into at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Leaked Sex Tape Ended Ashley Martelle’s Relationship With Irv Gotti

Ashley Martelle
Irv and Ashley

In recent times, it has not been clear if Ashley Martelle is romantically involved with anyone. Since she became popular, she has only been in a relationship with one person, American record executive, DJ, and record producer, Irv Gotti, who is the founder of Murder Inc. Records and the creator of the BET series, Tales.

While there is a significant age difference between Irv and Ashley, the two dated for a long time without any issues. The Instagram star, however, had to constantly deal with comments on social media about the age gap. On one occasion, she made a video to explain why she likes older guys, revealing that they have more experience and are willing to take care of women unlike those that are young.

The outspoken social media personality did not mince her words as she bluntly asked people to mind their business and respect her relationship. Sadly, the relationship came to an abrupt end when a sex tape that featured Ashley Martelle leaked. She claimed that she got hacked and was trying to clear things with Gotti but from all indications things went sour between them.

Ashley Still Has Her Supportive Family By Her Side

No one knows exactly the events that occurred in Ashley Martelle’s life while she was growing up as there is very little information about her early life. The same applies to her immediate family although the Instagram model often posts pictures of her family members on the photo-sharing platform.

While she has been quite reluctant about revealing their names, Ashley is quite close to her brother who continues to show her support. The two were raised together and have grown through all odds.


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