Who Is Ashton Meem – Russell Wilson’s Ex-wife? Inside Her Marriage And Divorce

An unusual celebrity, Ashton Meem rose to fame following her marriage to Russell Wilson; a footballer who plays quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. The diva currently works as an advertising operations assistant and has gone back to her low profile status following her divorce. Her ordeal in the divorce has caused a rife on the internet and has put a lot of questions in the hearts of many wanting to know what really went wrong with the high school lovebirds. Well, this article doesn’t only contain the reasons behind their divorce but also everything you should know about the silent diva. So read on!

Who is Ashton Meem, Russell Wilson’s Ex-wife?

September 6 every year, is a remarkable day for Ashton Meem as she was born that day in the year 1987 in Richmond Virginia. She was born to Lang Meem (father) and Molly Meem (mother). The diva has no siblings and is an only child to her parents. She is of white heritage and also an American.

Ashton began her educational pursuit at St. Catherine High School and later had her university days at the University of Georgia. However, she left the University of Georgia for North Carolina State (NCSU) as a transfer student. At NCSU, she bagged a Bachelor of arts degree in Communications.

Upon Graduation, Meem worked as a media marketer, intern, and a consultant at various times. She secured a job with American Family Insurance and was employed as the advertising operations assistant.

Ashton Meem broke into fame after her union with her high school lover Russel Wilson- a renowned footballer who plays quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. No one thought their nuptials vows would be short-lived, nevertheless, life happened to the lovebirds. This is how it all started;

How They Met And Got Married

Ashton Meen and Rusell Wilson’s love story was exceptional, their meeting could be termed as a coincidence and was also love at first sight. The duo met at a game in Collegiate School; Russel was a star in Collegiate School in Richmond as he played football, baseball, and basketball.

They caught a glimpse of themselves and was charmed by the goddess of love, the duo occasionally started visiting each other while at the high school and later started dating. Although Ashton was a senior to Russel, it didn’t limit what they felt for each other.

She also transferred from three different schools in order to avoid a collapse in the relationship due to distance. The good was going well and Russel proposed to her in the most romantic way he could think of. He put a tag on his dog; a Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle with the inscription ”Mom, Dad wants to ask you a question” and sent her off to Ashton, You could imagine how the diva felt, she felt on top of the world!

He proposed with an 8-carat diamond engagement ring in 2010. They took their vows on January 14, 2012, in an elaborate wedding ceremony at Country Club Of Virginia having their friends and families as witnesses to their union.

Their Relationship Didn’t Last And It Ended In Divorce

Things could go wrong in a snap and those things may change lives forever. A forever change happened to the lovebirds as their union took a bad turn in 2014. The football quarterback was the first to break the news to his team members where he insinuated that they have been trying to settle for a divorce and he would respect it if their will was respected and treated as private. Meanwhile, on Ashton’s part, she has not really said anything about her divorce nor the reason behind it until date.

Ashton Meem
Ashton Meem, Russell Wilson, and Ciara

Upon their divorce, Russell moved on and dated the renowned R&B singer Ciara Princess Harris. In a short while, he deemed it fit to engage her with a 5-Carat diamond stoned ring. Subsequently, as the news got to his ex-wife, she was allegedly said to have begun a rival as she posted a picture of her engagement ring, an 8-carat diamond engagement ring given to her by Rusell. Are you thinking what we are thinking? Do you think she was implying she was the highest bidder or rather Russell valued her more? We wouldn’t say!

As the days rolled by, rumors fished the reasons behind their divorce pointing fingers to Golden Tate – a footballer who plays for Seahawk. They insinuated that Golden Tate and Ashton had an affair. Nevertheless, the rumor was considered null and void as the accused publicly denied the allegations on his Twitter page claiming that the lady is a very close friend and is also aware of his relationships.

Russel and Ciara walked down the aisle on July 6, 2016, at Peckforton Castle in England. Ciara wore a custom beautiful lace gown by Roberto Cavalli and the groom looked as cute as ever. The duo was celibate till their wedding night and has been blessed with a daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson.

On Ashton Meen’s part, she has decided to pour all her affection into career and work. She has not been seen with anyone recently and is also assumed to be single. This keeps us asking if she truly has moved on from her ex-husband?


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