Asma al-Assad
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Asma al-Assad is a very powerful woman and the brain behind the structure of the Syrian Government. She is the gorgeous spouse of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad. A well-educated woman from one of the reputable schools in London, she had mined her trade in the finance industry before her marriage.

The first lady of Syria has been very instrumental in the running and implementation of government policies that deals with economic and social growth. Though her husband’s governance came to a standstill following the start of civil unrest in the country, Asma al-Assad continued to update the world of the activities going on in her country through her Instagram account.

Asma al-Assad – Bio

Asma al-Assad, born as Asma Akhras in London, England, on the 11th day of August 1975 to Syrian parents. Her father’s name is Fawaz Akhras, and her mother’s name is Sahar Akhras. Her father is a cardiologist while her mother is a retired Syrian diplomat, who is the first secretary at the Syrian Embassy in London. She is both a citizen of England, by birth and a citizen of Syria, by origin. She was born and grew up in Acton, London.
In 1996, she graduated from King’s College, London, with a first class honors degree in computer science. Besides, she also has a second degree in French Literature.

Asma al-Assad is a multi-lingual, flowing fluently in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic languages.

Upon her graduation, she began her career as a banker in the banking sector. Having secured work in Deutsche Bank, she set out to pursue an MBA at Harvard University. Before she could do that, while on holiday at her aunt’s house in Damascus in November of 2000, she met Bashar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Her Marriage And Children

Asma al-Assad
Asma al-Assad with spouse Bashar Al-Assad, the president of Syria Image Source

Asma al-Assad was wedded to her husband, Bashar al-Assad in December 2000. Their marriage has produced no less than three lovely children: Hafez al-Assad (son), Zein al-Assad, a daughter and her last kid named Karim al-Assad. These kids were born in 2001, 2003 and 2004 respectively.

After assuming office as her country’s First Lady, Asma al-Assad became engaged with social and economic activities that helped propel the Syrian economy. She traveled to more than one hundred villages in Syria, talking to the natives, initiating some developmental policies and creating some charity agencies.

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She created many aid agencies under the Syrian developmental Trust fund. This is the charity arm of the Syrian Government. Some of those organizations include, but not limited to, BASMA (Helping Children with cancer), SHABAB (business skills for youths), FIRDOS (microcredit for the rural communities), RAWAFED (cultural development), and Syrian organization for the disabled, to name just but a few.

After the break of the civil war and the intensification in 2012, her image and reputation came under serious criticism. People criticized her for keeping quiet while the Civil War was looming. She had not been seen in public till 18th March 2013 when she was seen at an opera house in Damascus. This quenched the rumor that she had fled from the country. In fact, the European Union placed an embargo on her accounts and placed travel restrictions on both her and her family. She is not allowed to travel to any European country. The only place she was allowed to enter is England, owing to the fact she’s also a citizen there.
After her appearance in 2013, she started updating her Instagram account on a regular basis. She uploads images of herself engaging in social works.

Facts About Bashar Al-Assad’s Wife

1. Net Worth

The 5 ft 6 inches (1.70m) tall first lady is really swimming in plenty cash. We have it in good authority that Asma al-Assad is worth nothing less than $50 million in cash and assets while her husband is worth over $1.5 billion.

2. Diagnosed With Cancer

Asma al-Assad has been reportedly diagnosed with breast cancer. The beautiful mother of three has already commenced treatment since 8th August 2018, for her ailment which is thankfully in its early phase.

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3. She Loves Theatre Productions

She has a thing for theatrical shows. Asma loves opera and cinema and she visits them as much as she can. In fact, after her disappearance from the public, the next place she was seen was in a theater.

4. Rejected Asylum Offers

She once told a Russian TV in 2016, that she has been offered refuge outside of her country with the protection of her kids guaranteed, but she refused. She stated that it was a direct attempt to make people lose faith in her.

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