At What Age Did Busiswa Have Her First Child and Who Is Her Baby Father?

Born on the 8th of November 1988, Busiswa Gqulu is a singer, songwriter, and poet known better by the public as either just Busiswa or Busi. The South African is famous for her electrifying performances on stage and like many other African stars, she started her career at quite an early age. Sources have it that right from the young age of 15, Busi had shown keen interest in poetry, writing a few poems of her own. She went on to have her first performance at the funeral ceremony of her grandmother and has never looked back since then.

Busiswa Welcomed Her First Child At The Age of 29

In November 2017, the month she celebrated her 29th birthday, Busiswa revealed through her Instagram account that she was pregnant. This came as a huge surprise to so many who didn’t know much about her private life. The greater shock came when it was revealed that she welcomed a baby about two months after the big revelation. This happened on the 8th of January 2018. Busi let fans on her big secret that she gave birth to a son named Lakhanya Gqulu.

Why She Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret

Busiswa had kept her pregnancy away from the public for some time before she eventually let the world in on her little secret in November 2017. Her reason for keeping it secret is not known, but one thing we are sure of is she let the cat out of the bag when she was comfortable enough to share her big news. Besides, information as sensitive as this should only be shared when one feels ready and it’s only fair to respect a mother’s wishes, even if she is a celebrity.

On the birth of her son, Busiswa had a lot to say about her new role of being a mother. Being a mother kind of changes everything, she said. She also talked about how much her body had changed and how she had to do workouts to keep in shape. Amidst all these, there was also the joy of having a little baby. She seemed to be having a good time bonding with her little boy and wondered if it was just her or if other mothers felt the same way about being all mushy and losing their body’s firmness. She talked about the body changes and all the other changes that come with childbirth and how she had to work on herself after the whole pregnancy period.

Busi once said in an interview that her first step in turning her life around was buying a treadmill. She also had to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates which gave her great control over her life and helped her establish new and achievable routines after having her baby.

Her Baby Daddy is DJ Katlego Mlangeni

The father of Busiswa’s baby has been revealed to be DJ Katlego Mlangeni, a man who was in her life for quite some time before things became messy. The two had been dating in private for a while before finally revealing it to the world in March 2018. Busiswa had always kept her private life far away from public scrutiny but following the birth of her son, she began to unveil certain aspects of her life gradually.

The singer subtly revealed through her social media handle that her son’s father and then-boyfriend was the CEO of Heat Productions, SA, and the founder of both “The Vibe Music Academy” and “Black Party”. The couple seemed to be enjoying their relationship and new baby and kept it away from social media until things began to go south. Following this, the couple began to trend for all the wrong reasons.

Busiswa Accused Katlego Mlangeni of Domestic Violence

Busiswa and Katlego’s massive fallout was apparently a result of physical abuse. It was reported that sometime in September 2019, Busi and her friend, rapper Themba Khubheka aka Marc, were attacked by Katlego. She said that even though she and her baby daddy were no longer together at the time, he still beat her up because he saw her with another man.

In a later statement she released, Busiswa mentioned that Katlego didn’t only abuse her physically, but also did so emotionally and financially. The DJ, on the other hand, seemed to have a slightly different version of the story. He was of the opinion that Busi was still his girlfriend and even claimed that he found them in a compromising position in his bedroom. Some sources reported that Themba actually pressed charges but the case “died a natural death”.

In the midst of all the chaos, Busi did not come out to debunk or even corroborate any of these stories. She, however, shared a series of videos on her Instagram handle where she talked about how she had suffered abuse at the hands of 2 of her past lovers, including DJ Katlego. She claimed that she was physically abused by her ex-boyfriend for 4 months after their breakup. All these happened at the time when South Africa was battling with issues of gender-based violence. Busiswa seized the opportunity to lend her voice to the issue, advising women who have found themselves or will find themselves in abusive relationships to note that it is not their responsibility to “fix” the abuser as they also owe themselves the responsibility of not only leaving the relationship but also to report any case of abuse to the appropriate authorities.

The “Ngoku” singer further explained how not reporting often gives the abuser the power to walk freely and have the opportunity to move on to their next victim. Busiswa had all along been mute about the issues of abuse in order to protect Katlego’s reputation and also for fear of being termed as weak. But then, she said she realized that the story will still come out since her close friends and allies were already aware of the dirty details of the situation. She also discovered that concealing the truth about the abuse was not making her any stronger as she was gradually becoming a shadow of herself, hurting and dying inside. Thus, she decided to voice it out and move on with her life.

The relationship between the former lovers seems to still be cordial due to their son who they still have to care for.

Is She Currently Dating Anyone?

It is not easy to tell if Busiswa is single now, considering how she kept her previous relationship and other significant details of her life hidden for a while. However, in a recent tweet, the SAMA Award winner said that she is now looking for a billionaire to marry given the fact that adulthood had defeated her.

“I’m now looking for a billionaire to marry. If you know ONE, say something. Adulting has defeated me,” she tweeted. Could she be ready for another relationship or is there someone in the picture already? Well, only time will tell.

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