Atheists In Kenya Group Will Go To Court On Issue Of Registration

Atheists In Kenya (AIT) as their name suggests are a group that promotes atheism in Kenya. They claim that Kenyan’s are indeed atheists not only about some gods as many people are wont to be when they select a particular religion, but rather all gods. They point to extensive evidence that both Jesus and all other gods are mere fictional characters, simply myths created by primitive people lost in the misunderstanding of how the universe works and while we all like myths and stories, there is no need to believe in them. Their website proclaims;

“We would like Kenyans to understand that all religions are based on myths. That religion has not place in the 21st Century Kenyan Society. That we can reorganize society around secular values.

By becoming a member of the Atheists In Kenya, you will join a group of brave Kenyans who are willing to challenge religious faith transform our supremely religious society!”


The group is now crying out against the blatant discrimination it has suffered after authorities refused to register their society. The Kenyan government declined to register the society for the sake of maintaining good order during the society. Part of the refusal letter dated January 14 read; “The registrar has reason to believe that the interests of peace, welfare or good order in Kenya would be likely to suffer prejudice if atheists in Kenya is registered as a society,” The 60 member Atheists In Kenya had applied for this official recognition last year and its head, Harrison Mumia has accused the official registrar of guessing on the matter as she cannot outrightly tell the impact the registration will have on the society.

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The official registrar, Maria Nyariki has however maintained that she has powers under Section II of the Societies Act but that the Atheists were free to contest the decision and apply to the attorney general within 30 days of the notification, a suggestion that the head of the AIT seems quite intent to take as they continue to complain that the ruling is discriminatory.

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Harrison Mumia; Head of Atheists In Kenya

Atheists In Kenya have in the recent past made controversial proposals some of which include; banning the Christmas holiday celebrations because they are unconstitutional, abolition of Christian and Islamic studies in schools and refraining from teaching children under the age of 10 that God created the earth in 6 days as religion divides, controls and misleads people. The fact that a research conducted in 2015 by Pew Research Centre rates 86% of Kenyans who believe that religion is very important in their lives, which makes it the eighth most religious country in Africa will probably work against the group.

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