Athletes Guilty Of Hideous Crimes

It’s no news that being famous is a potential trap and a common attraction for scandals. Athletes are one of the most respected groups of people in the world, for one they work hard for every single success they enjoy. They are a clear picture of people who never give up in achieving their goals and targets. Some athletes unfortunately, have been known and even made more famous for their hideous crimes than for their undeniable talents in the pitch. Sometimes it appears you can’t separate the two; like they go hand in hand. We might never know why it seems as though athletes, just like celebrities in the entertainment industry are always prone to crimes and scandals.

Unfortunately these are the people a lot of young people look up to, when they begin to act funny by doing series of strange things like drugs and killing people, you want to know if they passed any sanity test to determine if they were fit to be in the field in the first place. Perhaps their profession has given them a misconstrued view of life, seeing life like the field, which if were so, should have made them understand the essence of discipline and self-control. We could blame it on the concept of invincibility which comes most times with towering and unstoppable success.

However from their records with the law, it is not difficult to see that invincibility is a credible lie for the young. Maybe if they knew that, some of the things that drag their personalities in the mud will never even be in the picture. While not all athletes are guilty of one crime or the other, some have been noted for their despicable crimes against decency and humanity. This article is dedicated to the athletes whose careers have enjoyed a great deal of controversy; athletes who are guilty of felony. Believe it or not, there has been an overwhelming number of athletes who are not exactly friendly with the law. Is there anything about sports that triggers lawlessness in people? Time will tell.

1. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

Pistorius is a South African Paralympic champion and record breaker; famously known as the “fastest man on no legs”. Irrespective of his disability, he has made legendary marks in both the Paralympics and the Olympics. Pistorius court case on the supposed advantage of his artificial limbs is nothing compared to his involvement in the death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. On the 14th of February, 2013, Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend claiming it was an accident; he claimed that he had thought it was a burglar hiding in the bathroom. Pistorius was found guilty of culpable murder and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

2. Michael Vick

vick micheal

A talented NFL player, and currently a free agent. Micheal Vick seemed to have obtained his innate skills from his father, who was also a good player in his days. Growing up in a rather violent area, sports took him off the street and gave him an opportunity to better his life with something that is productive. He has played for a number of top teams in the United States. In April, 2007, he was found guilty of dog fighting for over five years; he particularly sponsored the fights and provided the facilities for it. What can we say, it appears his days in the streets really rubbed off on him. Thus, he was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment. After serving time in prison, he found it rough bouncing back on his feet, however, his talent and the obligatory need to turn a new leaf took him right back to where he started, success.

3. Aaron Hernandez

Former New England Patriots NFL football player Aaron Hernandez is seated during his murder trial, Thursday, April 2, 2015, in Fall River, Mass. Hernandez is charged with killing Odin Lloyd in June 2013. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, Pool)

As much as he was a talented NFL player, he was a ruffian and a trigger friendly fellow – always shooting someone, friends and foes alike. In 2013, Aaron Hernandez was finally faced with several shooting crimes and more devastatingly, the death of his friend, Odin Lloyd. He was charged with obstruction of justice, intimidation of witness, and series of shooting convictions, attempted homicide and club fights. Aaron Hernandez is everything an athlete or a public figure should not be – extremely reckless and dangerous. He was finally found guilty of first degree murder; five weapon charges and still had to undergo trial for a double homicide case. Aaron has been sentenced to life imprisonment(without parole) since death penalties are prohibited in Massachusetts.

4. Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is a renowned Heavy Weight Champ with a lot of  recorded successes and ground breaking marks in history. In 1990, Tyson was charged with battery and in 1992, Tyson was charged for the rape of Desiree Washington. He was convicted and served 3 out of a 6-year imprisonment sentence; during which he became converted to Islam. He has also been arrested for drug abuse and driving under the influence. The legendary professional boxing retiree has been married three times and divorced, with about 8 children from different women. What a star!

5. Rae Carruth


In 1999, Rae was charged with conspiracy to murder- murder of his girlfriend who was eight months pregnant at the time. Because he did not want to have the child or pay any form of child support, he contracted the manager of a night club who was his friend and someone else to do the work for him in confidence that the crime will not be linked to him. The later indicted Rae Carruth, was found hiding in the trunk of a car, thereby, proving that he was indeed guilty of the offense. He later admitted to physically assaulting the lady while his accomplice shot her. Rae was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment.