16 Years Later Buhari Seeks Justice For Slain Former Attorney-General, Bola Ige

President Buhari has ordered for the re-opening of the murder cases of Nigeria’s former Attorney General, Bola Ige and PDP deputy Chairman, South south region, Aminasoari Dikibo.

On December 23, 2000, Bola Ige was murdered in cold blood. Report says that the assassinated former Attorney General had returned from a function in Ibadan.

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His body guards sought permission to go out and eat. Within the interval of their absence the hoodlums who were hovering around the neighborhood, made their way into the house. They locked the family members in a room and concentrated on their target. Bola Ige was shot in the chest.

Ever since the assassination, no arrests were made, the case systematically went comatose. Before his death, Bola Ige was on the verge of commencing a probe on the corruption in the power sector of the national economy.

In the same way, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP ex-Deputy National Chairman, Chief Aminasoari Dikibo, was also murdered and no conclusive investigations on the case.

The political figure was waylaid in Asaba, Delta state, on his way home to Abuja on October 22, 2004. The political leader had been at loggerheads with top political figures in his party before he was gruesomely murdered.

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Resurrecting these cases has sparked off a range of opinions in the country. While some are for it, some others see no need for it.

A major point for the supporters of this move is that it will finally serve justice to the family and memory of such a personality as the Attorney General of the Federation.

Simply put, they believe criminals who in this case are suspected to be from the ruling class should be fished out and brought to book. That way it will be a practical example that justice still exists.

“We are happy that all those who murdered our father, including the star witness, will be brought to justice. It’s good news.”– Architect Muyiwa Ige, Bola Ige’s son.