Aubrey Marunde – Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Bristol Marunde’s Spouse

She was born as Aubrey Buck but rose to fame as Aubrey Marunde, the wife of former UFC fighter, Bristol Marunde. Besides her distinguishing work as real estate broker, renovator, designer, she is an excellent house modeler who sold out most, if not all houses she refurbished within the Las Vegas City. Her excellent works have won her so much admiration from her teeming fans. Meanwhile, she currently serves as the host of HGTV’s Flip or Flop show alongside her husband. Learn more about Bristol Marunde’s spouse, her bio, net worth and other interesting facts below.

Aubrey Marunde – Bio

Born as Aubrey Buck in a small town in Milton Pennsylvania of the United States of America. Her father was a building general contractor while nothing much is known about her mother. The young Aubrey Marunde (Nee Buck) would always tag along with her daddy while visiting his construction sites. From there, she gradually began to learn the roots and rudiments of building from her loving father. While the passion for making beautiful homes took root in her young heart, Aubrey eventually decided to mine her trade from the profession.

Aubrey Marunde after her high school education moved to Las Vegas to further her education. She enrolled at the University of Nevada, where she studied Marketing. Whilst in college, she was an avid cheerleader and gymnast.


In 2006, Aubrey earned her license as a real estate designer and from then on, she has swang into action modeling, designing and rebuilding dilapidated houses within the metropolis of Las Vegas and turning them to a beautiful haven and homes with glam.

By 2009, she and her husband Bristol Marunde had renovated over one hundred and fifty houses in and around Las Vegas, which is a beautiful feat which has since brought her attention as she took over from the HGTV’s Flip or Flop show from Tarek and Christina as its continuity host alongside her UFC fighter husband since April 2017. The show has spanned over three seasons amassing sizable followership and fan base.

Their outstanding and unique Vegas Glam style blended with spacious glamorous designs has made them one of the top High Stake selling realtors in Sin City aka Las Vegas, the city that does not sleep. Aubrey Marunde is not only a designer or realtor but she has also featured in one of the highly rated HGTV show Brother Vs Brother as a judge and as a guest in the NBC universal television talk show, Harry Connick Jnr. in 2018.

Along with her husband, they jointly own a construction firm called Alter Luxury Real estate firm that caters to the needs of their high profile clients.

Aubrey Marunde’s Net Worth

With many years as a Realtor under her belt, Aubrey Marunde has no doubt amassed a huge amount of wealth as well as fame. Her net worth is said to be running in millions. However, she and her spouse Bristol share a joint net worth of $5 million. A wealth they accrued from their house flipping, sales, TV shows, and other endeavors.

Other Facts About Bristol Marunde’s Spouse

1. Her Husband Bristol Marunde and Children

Aubrey Marunde
Aubrey with her husband and two sons; Kale and Kane Marunde – Instagram

The blonde house maker and designer, Aubrey Marunde wedded Bristol Marunde, a Fairbanks, Alaska born mixed martial artist and Ultimate Fighter in 2015. He was born on the 20th April 1980 and has won not less than sixteen fights out of about twenty-six professional UFC fights. After a broken jaw, he decided it was time to have a change of profession. As a result of this, he joined his wife fully as a co-host of the HGTV Flip and Flop show where they are currently making waves with their creativity and designs.

The lovely couple first met at Las Vegas in 2009 and after their first date, they knew they were meant for each other. Hence, they decided to join the rollercoaster of lifelong commitment in 2015. Together, they share two children – sons whose names are Kale and Kane Marunde.

2. Her Brother-In-Law Died From Cardiac-Arrest

Aubrey’s late brother-in-law Jesse Marunde was once the second strongest man in the World before his unfortunate demise in 2007 from a cardio related ailment. His wife Callie Marunde has long remarried Nick Best, a fellow American strongman contender.

He was her spouse Bristol’s hero and inspiration in veering into UFC fights. He made history as the youngest American to enter into the World’s Strongest man contest in 2002 at the age of 22 years.

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3. She Is An Animal Lover

An ardent lover of animals and owner of some, Aubrey Marunde and her family own fishes, dogs, turtles, parakeets, and poultry birds.

4. Aubrey Marunde’s Height And Weight

Although her height, weight and body measurements are currently unknown, she has a slender bodybuild, with a commendable height that complements her husband’s 6-foot 1-inch height. In addition, she rocks a long blonde hair and a pair of dazzling blue eyes.


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