Aubrey Qwana’s Biography and the Songs that Made Him Popular

Aubrey Qwana is a South African rapper, producer, designer, and arranger. He is one of South Africa’s Young superstars, known for using perfectly blended traditional, and secular styles in capturing the hearts of music lovers. Aubrey Qwana’s style of music tends more towards Rapping and producing and his pattern of music is an infusion of Maskandi, Mbaqanga, Arna Zion, Hip Hop, and R&B.

Despite losing his mother at a very young age and struggling with rejection that made him quit rapping at some point, Aubrey Qwana was able to overcome and has become one of South Africa’s fastest-growing rappers. He has not been in the music industry for so long, but he already has a gold-certified single.

Aubrey Qwana’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Aubrey Qwana
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 2nd April 1993
  • Aubrey Qwana’s Age: 30 Years old
  • Ethnicity: Ulundi, KwaZulu-Natal
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Aubrey Qwana’s Children: Amen Adiel Qwana

Aubrey Qwana’s Parents Were Clergymen

Qwana was born and raised in a very religious home. Because his parents were clergymen, he got involved in the activities of Zion Church where his parents ministered at an early age. Clearly, we can say the music from the church inspired and guided his career in music, and even his style, as Zion Church was rooted in God and tradition. He has not revealed the names of his parents despite how fondly he speaks of them.

His Mother Is Late

Qwana shared a strong bond with his mother which he still talks about to date. Unfortunately, death snatched her away far back in 2004 when he was just 12. As young as he was, her death left a gap in his life, especially because of how close they were. He has often said he had a very rough time growing up without her. He held on to the memories they had for the 12 years he spent with her and in 2020, he released the Ngicel’ Ubuye song translated to mean; Please Come Back, in her honor for Mother’s Day.

Aubrey’s Father Saw Him Through His Teenage Years

After the death of his mother, Aubery Qwana’s father became his sole guardian and raised him alone. Although it was a not-so-smooth-growing-up experience, the singer says his dad did his best in showing him the clear path between right and wrong which has been a guiding light for him to date.

Although he is a very popular artist, Aubery Qwana does not let out so much about himself. And one of the details he has kept away from the public is who his siblings are and whether or not he has any.

Aubrey Qwana’s Music Was Inspired By The Environment He Grew Up In

Aubrey Qwana spent his childhood in Ladysmith, Ulundi, and Johannesburg. Before the death of his mother, he used to visit her in a hostel in Johannesburg. Around the area where his mother lived, they used to play Mbhaqanga and Maskandi music.

As he grew older and started doing music, he realized that his upbringing had played a major role in influencing the type of music he produces. Aubrey does not even have a name for the type of music he is into, however, he gives credit to those early days when he used to visit his mother, for inspiring his passion for music. In an interview, the singer mentioned that he still plays Mbhaqanga and Maskandi music because they help him remember his mother.

His Career Started In 2008

Aubrey Qwana has not been famous for so long. He only came to the limelight around 2018 but has been doing music since he was 15 years old. He had taken a break from music long enough to get an education but has not opened up about the schools he attended and whether they were connected to his musical pursuits in any way. One of the reasons why he decided to further his education was because he wanted to have a taste of the corporate world. But it did not take him long to realize that his passion did not lie there.

He also studied Graphic and Fashion Design at a college located in Durban where he earned a Diploma. He has not said anything about going into the fashion business, but his personal style is proof that if he does take it up, he would do well in it. The singer’s interesting fashion and style is as unique to himself as it is traditional. You would often see him accessorize his everyday clothes with traditional beads on the neck, the ear, the nose, and the hands.

Aubrey Caught Public Attention In 2018

Nearly a decade after his first efforts as a singer, Aubrey Qwana’s hit single Ngaqonywa hit the airwaves like a wildfire in 2018 and caught the attention of South Africans. He also caught the attention of music makers like record label Sony Music Entertainment who signed him that same year. Next, he had a collaboration with DJ Tira on the Ngaqonywa remix. The song made him all the more famous and also gave him a strong fan base beyond South Africa. To cap it all, the piece got a gold certification.

Generally, Aubery Qwana’s songs are inspired by his real-life experiences, hence, it resonates with most listeners. Most of Aubery’s songs capture topics and ideas on love, betrayal, and ways of life (culture).

Molo Is Aubery Qwana’s Major Hit Song

Qwana’s most famous song to date is Molo. The song got well over 2 million views on YouTube in the first 3 months after it was released, and in less than 1 year, it had over 5 million views. Working with the statistics of how successful Molo was, he dropped an Extended Play titled Imvula Mlomo, against the original album he intended to release that year. The intention was to capitalize on the attention he was receiving at the time, and it worked.

During his performance at Port Elizabeth in October 2020, the teeming audience gleefully sang along with him while he performed. This further solidified his place as a household name and showed just how viral his songs had gone.

In 2020, he did a lot of songs that were well received by his fans, including Unplugged and Imvula. He has also worked with big industry giants which brought his work more fame in and outside the South African region. Some of these are his collaborations with Sho Madjozi for the popular song Uhamba Nobani.

Other famous artists he has worked with include Emtee, EStilo Magolide, DJ Tira, Major Lazer, and Makwa Beats.

List of Aubery Qwana’s Discography

  • Molo
  • Ngaqonywa
  • Ngicel’ ubuye
  • Uhamba Nobani
  • Bakulindile
  • Sukuma
  • Babe
  • Ngaqonywa Ama-Piano Remix
  • Uhamba Nobani
  • Changanya
  • Ngaqonywa
  • Babe

How Much Money Has Aubrey Qwana Made From Music?

We could say the young star started making a fortune from his art in 2018, and in this short while, he has made an estimated sum pegged between $450,000 and $2,000,000.

Aubrey Qwana has other skills in Fashion and Graphics designs, so he had a means of earning before music, but music has gotten him more fame and wealth in the shortest time. He is yet to explore his skills in fashion, hence, he has not earned from it.

Aubrey Qwana Has A Daughter

Aubrey Qwana

Although Aubrey Qwana keeps his private life well away from the public, the joy of having a daughter was too much for him to keep to himself. The name of his baby mama is not available, however, he shares her pictures on social media, thanking her for giving him the gift of a daughter.

His beautiful daughter was born on the 17th of February 2020, she is called Amen Adiel Qwana. On her 1st birthday, Aubrey took to social media to share his joy with his fans who were delighted to celebrate with him.

The Molo Singer Had a Nasty Accident With His Manager

Some years before Aubrey Qwana became this well-known, he was involved in a very serious motor accident with his then manager Celimpili Manyarhi. There are no specific details as regards the cause of the crash, but both occupants of the car were able to come out of the vehicle before it went up in flames.

The singer believes the accident was caused by forces beyond the ordinary. He called it an act of witchcraft. The vehicle was a C-class Mercedes Benz worth R700,000 at the time and belonged to Manyarhi.

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