All the Places Audra Martin Worked Before Fox Sports and Facts About Her Personal Life

Beautiful, ever-smiling Audra Martin is one of those faces that just sticks to the memory once seen. She is an important name in journalism and for sports lovers in America. With accuracy, Martin covers the Minnesota Wild teams for Fox Sports. Her days with the network may be few but her input as a sideline reporter is no fluke.

Her journalism skills have made her a fan favorite which has also drawn people’s attention to other areas of her personal life one of which is her relationships. Although she is still single, Audra is reportedly in a committed relationship which we will reveal to you below.

Audra Martin’s Career Progression

Audra Martin has covered the Minnesota Wild and the Minnesota Twins for the Fox Sports North since October 2015. She joined the network as a sideline reporter and host for the regional sports network and has owned the sidelines since then.

Prior to coming to Fox, Audra plied her trade in various networks, dissecting different sports. Fresh out of college, she got her first job at WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Alabama, working as a sports anchor/reporter. Her next role was as a sideline reporter with the Atlanta Thrashers of the National Hockey League.

Having honed her broadcasting skills with them, she spent some time working with the Atlanta Braves Organization and then WKRN-TV just before she joined Fox Sports in Minnesota. She worked as a Tennessee Titans sideline reporter and sports anchor for WKRN-TV.

As a reporter in the dynamic sports industry, Audra Martin has proven that with dedication and hard work, one can attain any level of success one desires. Her career has spanned over a couple of years and she has evidently created a niche for herself by staying true to her brand, amassing a slew of fans along the line, even beyond the sports world.

She is a Staunch Believer in Giving Back to the Society

Despite her engagement with her career, Audra supports different social and charitable causes. She is empathetic towards cancer patients and in her own little ways, has helped spread cancer awareness throughout the globe. In recognition of her many noble deeds, she was nominated for the Woman of the Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in 2015.

More so, she is an outspoken advocate against online bullying. While living in Florida, she supported the passing of a law that intends to put an end to online bullying; The Jeff’s Law.

A Look at Audra Martin’s Background and Early Life

Working with Fox Sports as a sideline reporter and sportscaster who centers on everything about the Minnesota Twins baseball and Minnesota Wild hockey team, has made Audra Martin become a person of interest. She is well respected for her involvement with the news station and is highly praised for her eloquence on-air. Though she is doing fine at her job, Martin is not one who releases the details of her personal life at impulse.

In fact, she is yet to disclose the exact details of her birthdate. However, records have it that she was born sometime in 1990 in Chicago, in the United States of America. Also, she is yet to disclose any information about her family, but one thing is sure; she shares a special bond with her family. We already know that she has a little nephew, nicknamed Bug who is one of her favorite persons. Audra has revealed this through her many picture uploads of him on her Instagram handle.

Audra Martin
Audra Martin and Nephew

She was a Player on the Field Before Telling Stories of It

Audra has been a long contributor to sports. She was very active as a high-school girl and had a fulfilling high school education. The Chicago native attended Arvada West High School where she was a two-sport athlete who excelled in softball and volleyball. She was also a cheerleader.

While she did not play any sports in college, she broadened her horizon in the same by studying Journalism at the University of Central Florida. She graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Criminal Justice. Audra was not all about academics anyway. She found a way to balance her social life and studies perfectly. She participated in the school’s pageantry and of course, emerged as the crowned queen.

Audra Martin has a Passion for Music

Apparently, Audra Martin is a woman of many talents. The beautiful reporter is not just about sports and journalism; she has a passion for other fields of endeavor. Prior to the period, she fell in love with broadcasting, she developed a passion for music.

She took classes as a violinist and was said to be quite skilled. Audra has reportedly played the instrument since she was 3 and has been singing since she was 12. In 2009, she sang the National Anthem at the WNBA game for the Atlanta Dream. Call it childhood dreams or fantasies, she also had intentions of becoming a police officer.

There’s a lot she can do and has a lifetime before her to live her dreams. We can only show her our support.

Audra Martin’s Life Beyond the Spotlight

Audra Martin has covered the Twins games, headlined her own show, and has worked for a number of networks. With all the fame, fans are always looking into her personal life which interestingly, is filled with a lot of tidbits. Interestingly, many of her fans have tried to get her attention towards the details of her personal life, but the stunning reporter has stayed schtum about this. She has, however, gone ahead to give clues that she isn’t single.

She disappointed a lot of men and probably women who had an interest in her recently when she publicly stated on her Instagram handle that she has been in a relationship with her mystery man for a couple of years. In a 14th October 2018 post, she further revealed that she met him a year after relocating to Minnesota.

Sadly, Audra Martin has consciously hidden the identity of this mystery man who won her heart. Probably, she is still enjoying a flourishing relationship but is yet to tie the knot or they have gone their separate ways.


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