Aurora Imade Adeleke – Meet Davido’s First Daughter With Sophia Momodu

Aurora Imade Adeleke (born 14th May 2015) is the 8-year-old daughter and first child of Davido, the popular Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer, and his ex-girlfriend, Sophia Momodu.

The present-day Nigerian celebrities seem to have long histories of having one love-child or more and in the case of Davido Adeleke, he is three children down and still counting. The singer’s first daughter Aurora Imade Adeleke was born out of his fling with Dele Momodu’s cousin Sophia Momodu. Imade is growing rapidly and is already making giant strides in the business world. How awesome!

The little girl’s conception sparked a lot of controversies that set social media agog. However, it is now all water under the bridge as both sides seem to have settled their differences and Imade is growing into a beautiful and intelligent child under the watch of her mother, Sophia.

Profile Summary of Aurora Imade Adeleke

  • Full name: Aurora Imade Adeleke
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 14th May 2015
  • Aurora Imade Adeleke’s Age: 8 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Aurora Imade Adeleke’s Parents: Sophia Momodu and Davido Adeleke
  • Half-Siblings: Hailey Veronica Adeleke, David Ifeanyi Adeleke Jr. (late)
  • Occupation: Social media star and business
  • Years active: 2019 to date
  • Famous for: Being Davido’s daughter
  • Aurora Imade Adeleke’s Instagram: realimadeadeleke

Imade Adeleke Is Growing Rapidly

Called Imade Aurora Oluwadamilola Adeleke at birth, Davido’s first child was born on May 14, 2015. While her mother Sophia Momodu is from Osun State Nigeria and involved in the fashion industry, the girl’s dad is David Adeleke, a Nigerian superstar musician, and businessman. After the controversy surrounding her conception was settled between both parents, Imade has been enjoying the attention of both parents who shower her with love and care.

Going by her age, Aurora Imade Adeleke is likely to be in the pre-primary school level, however, the name of the school she is attending is shrouded. Despite her young age, Davido’s first fruit is making headway in business. Aided by her parents the little girl already has a head start in the hair care product line.

Imade Has A Couple Of Step-Siblings

Though she is the only child of her mother, Aurora Imade Adeleke is far from being Davido’s only off-spring. As mentioned earlier, the singer has three women who have all given birth for him.

  • Hailey Veronica Adeleke

A couple of years after Imade’s birth, the Nigerian celebrity singer had an affair with an American lady only known as Amanda. Their relationship was not highly publicized like the case of Sophia, but it resulted in the birth of the singer’s second child, a beautiful baby girl called Hailey Veronica Adeleke. While Davido’s first child was given the singer’s mother’s first name Imade, his second child was also named after his mother albeit her second name Veronica. Hailey was born in the United States of America and continues to live there under the watch of her mother. According to reports, Sophia was not so happy with the birth of her baby daddy’s second child, but the celebrity singer didn’t seem to give a hoot.

  • Ifeanyi Adeleke

After his second child was born to him, Davido went ahead to date Chioma Rowland from Imo State. The Duo took it as far as getting officially engaged and several months later, Chioma bore the singer’s first son David Ifeanyi Adeleke on Sunday, October 20, 2019, in the United Kingdom. Apparently, he was named David after his father just as his stepsisters have one of their names same as their mother’s.

She Has A Haircare Line

Sophia has done well in raising Aurora Imade Adeleke to be a child star, the girl is barely a teen but she already founded her own organic hair care products line. Dvido, the proud father wasted no time in taking to Instagram to drum up support for his baby’s newly launched business. He described the product as a beautiful and elite brand, announcing the official launch to be at Lekki Phase 1 Lagos on the 29th of May 2019.

While celebrating her fourth birthday which fell on the 14th of May, Imade was photographed holding one of her products. This giant stride marked the girl’s entry into the cosmetics industry and is highly commendable.

Imade is also a social media star who has amassed a good number of followers on Instagram. Her first post on the picture-sharing platform was uploaded on the 15th of August 2017; a picture of the little girl wearing a Micky Mouse costume. She is also into martial arts, which she started in 2018

Facts About Sophia Momodu, Imade’s Mum

  • Her Family Background

Davido’s baby mama number one Sophie Ajibola Momodu is from the Yoruba ethnic extraction of Nigeria and was born on the 9th of June 1987. Aurora Imade Adeleke’s mother hails from Ile-Ife, Osun State. Imade’s mum is the cousin of famous Nigerian journalist Dele Momodu, the chief executive officer of Ovation International; which is one of the biggest magazines in Nigeria.

  • Career Pursuits

On her educational background, Aurora Imade Adeleke’s mother had her basic education but it is not clear whether she went to the university. Sophia is a connoisseur in the fashion industry. The mother of one owns The Sophia Momodu Brand where she serves as the creative director and CEO. She is also an internet star with thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube.

  • Controversial Pregnancy

A lot of controversies surfaced after Sophia got in the family way for singer Davido who never believed Sophia’s claims until he confirmed from a DNA test that Imade was in actual fact his flesh and blood. Thus, the singer named her Aurora Imade Adeleke after his late mom.

  • Child Trafficking Allegations

A drama ensued seven months after Imade was born, Davido and his family conspired to travel out of the country with the little girl without the mother’s consent but were restricted at the airport by the authorities on child trafficking. Sophia finally got custody of Imade and has been remarkable in turning her little girl into a child star. Though she is no more dating Davido, the duo is on good terms as they co-parent their daughter Imade.

The Circumstances That Led To Imade’s Conception

According to Davido, Sophia showed up at his house in Lekki claiming that her father was late and her mum resides in Abuja, thus she had nowhere to stay in Lagos. Out of the goodness of his heart, Davido accommodated her but she took advantage of the singer’s youth (he was just 21, while Sophia was in her late 20s). They eventually had a fling and Sophia ended up pregnant. Even without the benefit of DNA test, Davido said he took care of the lady’s pre-natal and post-natal care and when DNA came out positive, he rented an apartment for his baby mama and paid her N300k per month and N500k during Christmas celebrations. He also took care of Imade’s expenses and all their utility bills.

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