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Ayla Woodruff is one of the few people living out their big dreams of doing what they have over time dreamed of. She is an American social media model, influencer and actress. She became prominent when she started working as PA to the famed YouTube celebrity Logan Paul whose popularity rubbed off on her and made her a sensation in her own right.

On her own at the moment, Woodruff is not doing badly as her own YouTube page has amassed well over 797,000 subscribers, her Instagram handle has over 1.5 million followers while her Twitter handle has 49.9k followers. Her handles have enjoyed these tangible number of followings owing largely to her fun, exciting videos and posts that revolve around fitness, challenges, travels, sights, and houses among others.

Ayla Woodruff’s Age and Biography

The Internet celebrity was born as Ayla Marie Woodruff to Brian and Diana Woodruff on the 14th day of August 1992 in the United States of America. She has 3 other siblings who are also all in the entertainment industry along with her. As with every young child, who have big dreams, fantasies, and aspirations, young Ayla Marie had hers which in this case was to be a superstar.

She had her High education at Agoura High School and she proceeded to various Varsities pursuing different courses. Top on the list of schools she went to are the Moorpark Community College, Loyola Marymount University where she did a Human Resources Management Certification course in 2015 before she pursued yet another degree at the University of California San Diego to obtain her Industrial and Organizational Psychology certificate.

Shortly after her graduation from college, the pretty damsel landed her first job as the PA (personal assistant) to the celebrated YouTube celebrity Logan Paul. The experience proved to be the opportunity of a lifetime as it paved way for her to start up her own personal Youtube Channel as well although she did not pursue the project any further until after she left Paul a few years later.

Social Media Career

Among the many reasons for her departure, she cited the fact that Logan was constantly breaking plates and shooting at her when he was upset which she could not take anymore and chose to leave in August 2017. The two are still very good friends and even feature in each other’s blogs from time to time. After her time with Logan Paul, Ayla picked up her newly acquired skills and went ahead to upload her first ever video on her YouTube page on May 2017 captioned Intro to My YouTube-Ayla Woodruff. From there onwards, her exploits on social media knew no bounds.

The petite actress’ Youtube video uploads are largely on comics, travel fun, Gym exercise/fitness packages. Her introduction video amassed over 893k views, closely followed by her I stole Logan Paul’s Puppy, reactive video to Logan Paul’s New assistant. Others are Finally Told My Mom I’m Pregnant, Best Bathing Suit Haul among other interesting videos. She refers to her fans as Ay-listers.

Ayla Woodruff
Ayla Woodruff and Logan Paul
Besides making fun, interesting videos or posts on social media, she has also honed her skill as an actress when she appeared as an extra in the 2003 comedy-drama Cheaper By The Dozen alongside her younger brother Blake and superstar Hilary Duff among others but unfortunately her scripted scene was removed before the final release of the movie. She has also modeled for quite a few clothing ventures like Rivis Bikinis, Levis Jeans, Beyond Yoga Clothing and others.

What to know about her family

The Vlogger was not born alone; she is the eldest of all 4 children of her parents and her younger siblings are a sister Raina born in 1993, 2 brothers Blake (1995), and Trevors (1998). Her younger brother Blake started out as a child actor featuring in Cheaper By The Dozen and its sequel alongside Ayla. He also got a role as Noah Newmann in the popular soap opera, The Young and Restless. Raina is also an internet personality who specializes in posting selfies and landscape scenarios among other picturesque images

Who Is Her Boyfriend? 

The Love life of the American Actress and social media influencer is an open secret for all. She was in a 4-year romantic relationship with social media superstar and model Mackinzie Dae, who was equally her trainer. While it lasted, the pair took tons of pictures together posting them online for anyone who cared to see.

Unfortunately, their love fizzled out in 2018 and the romantic relationship came to a grinding halt without any clear cut explanation given to their fans except for the word irreconcilable difference. However, Ayla Woodruff later made a video in which she gave more details about their separation on her YouTube page. She titled it Why I Left.

She is currently in a relationship with Mackenzie Dae who is a professional model, photographer, cinematographer, and commercial drone pilot.

Ayla Woodruff’s Height

Ayla Marie Woodruff’s height is one of the most petite in the online entertainment industry where she reigns. Though she has been blessed with a beautiful face and a great curvy body which she has consistently worked out in her gym, she is 11 inches taller than 4 ft while her weight is reported as 42 kilograms (93 lbs). Her not so complementary height made her a target for bullies back when she was in school.


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