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Barbara Eden is perhaps one of the most lasting and appealing actresses in the U.S, a timeless beauty who has succeeded in remaining relevant in a highly competitive industry, where several brilliant and beautiful faces are easily forgotten after their heydays begin to wane. Following her stint in several unsuccessful productions, she went on to become a superstar in Hollywood with her performance on the set of I Dream of Jeannie, where she gave expression to the role of the title character Jeannie in 1965.

Even after many decades, Barbara Eden’s performance in the sitcom still remain fresh in the minds of her fans, and the part made it possible for her to land other notable roles which are too numerous to mention. However, all her movie credits were totaled 21 and she made appearances in over 50 TV shows, making her one of the busiest actresses of all time. In addition, she has the production of many projects under her belt and has come on several commercials which she still does till date. Barbara showed her singing prowess when she lent her voice to a good number of tracks in one of her films.

Who is Barbara Eden and What is Her Age?

Her place of birth is Tucson, Arizona and she was born on the 23rd of August 1931, her parents Hubert Henry Morehead (a butcher) and Alice Mary named the actress Barbara Jean Morehead. Barbara’s parents got married when her mum was 17 and her dad 22; however, their juvenile marriage came to an end when Barbara just turned three, following which she followed her mother to San Francisco where the rising actress spent her formative years.

While in San Francisco, Barbara Eden’s mother embarked on a 2nd marriage with Harrison Connor Huffman who earned a living as a telephone lineman. Consequently, she was a stranger to luxury in her early years since her parents could barely afford the necessities. Her mum Mary took to singing to entertain her daughter which later became a source of inspiration to the young Barbara to join the entertainment world.

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Her mum’s singing prowess rubbed off on her and she started manifesting her skills in her church choir, performing solo songs as a kid. As she became a young adult, Barbara Eden started honing her vocal prowess which led the young star to commence performances at night clubs where she earned $10 per show.

The emerging star didn’t allow herself to be distracted by the glamour of San Francisco nightlife, this became evident when she Joined Conservatory of Music in San Francisco and later, Elizabeth Holloway School of Theatre where she studied music and acting respectively. The year 1949 saw her as a graduate of San Francisco’s Abraham Lincoln High School where she functioned as a cheerleader.

By the early 1950s, she was already taking an active part in beauty pageantries and was crowned Miss San Francisco in one of those contests in 1951. With her alluring figure, Barbara took to modeling and later moved into acting, it was when she met her first agent that the model changed her name to Barbara Eden at the agent’s behest. The young actress’ acting career took off in television in The Johnny Carson Show where they cast her in a semi-regular role, then came an uncredited part in the feature movie Back from Eternity which served as her movie debut in 1956.

Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie
Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie (image source)

Before her breakthrough role in the NBC sitcom I Dream of Jeanie, Barbara Eden had appeared in over 18 feature films. However, it was her performance on the set of The Brass Bottle that gave her an in-road into the popular sitcom when she attracted the attention of Sydney Sheldon, the producer who offered her the role of the title character Jeanie.

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The sitcom went on to become a hit after its premiere in 1965 gathering a massive following and shooting Barbara’s career over the top in the process. The series lasted for all of five years, showing in over 139 episodes. The end of the show made Barbara a TV movie staple even before her next big role of Stella Johnson on the set of Harper Valley PTA – a feature movie released in 1978.

By the mid-1990s, the heydays of Barbara Eden’s career were already over, though she makes occasional appearances as a guest artist. 1986 saw her publishing her autobiography titled Barbara Eden: My Story, followed by Jeannie Out of the Bottle – her memoir which was released in 2011.

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Where is She Now?

Several kinds of rumors hit the internet when a familiar actor decides to take a break from the sector; people will begin to wonder whether he or she had passed on. However, in the case of Barbara Eden, her heydays were just over and she opted for a quiet life in the mainstream. She tries to connect with fans on Instagram where she shares constant updates on her life. Recent reports have it that she is resident in Beverly Hills, California, U.S. The iconic actress has also launched a self-titled website in a bid to fit in with the modern generation.

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