Here’s Everything You Should Know About Barry Weiss Of Storage Wars And Where He Is Now

For several years, American businessman and antique collector, Barry Weiss, held sway as one of the most popular characters on the A&E reality television show, Storage Wars, which first aired on December 1, 2010. Armed with a colorful personality, larger-than-life character as well as some devious tactics, Weiss became the poster boy for the reality TV show which followed a bunch of buyers as they bade for the contents of abandoned storage rooms in California.

It was, therefore, with shock and disappointment that many fans received news of his departure from the show after just four years. Since then, the antique collector has gone on to do a variety of TV and non-TV projects. He has also survived a major road accident and continues to live life to the fullest measure.

Building His Reputation As A Businessman And Antiques Collector

Prior to becoming the fascinating character that we all love, Barry Weiss was just a young boy who had a passion for accumulating antiques. He started hunting for valuables from the age of 15 and since then, he has amassed quite a collection ranging from vintage and custom-made automobiles to artifacts and other collectibles.

As anyone would know, collecting antiques is not exactly a cheap venture and as such, Weiss must have needed funds to be able to keep up with his passion. These funds were provided by his family’s business. The Weiss family owned a food produce company, ‘Northern Produce’, which deals in fruits and vegetable importation and exportation. Barry managed the business alongside his brother, Joey Weiss, for many years and was able to gather much wealth from it.

Having established such a productive and fulfilling life, Barry Weiss spent his spare time hanging out with friends and treating himself. One of these friends happened to be the renowned TV producer and voiceover artist, Thom Beers, and during one of their get-togethers, Beers informed him about his discovery of the thriving business of bidding on abandoned storage lockers.

His Days On Storage Wars And Getting His Own Spin-Off Shows

Barry Weiss
Weiss and castmate, Kenny Crossley: Image Source

Weiss immediately warmed to Beers’ idea as he figured that this would be another great way to land antiques. He, however, got more than he bargained for after the idea developed into a TV show and was picked up. The resulting show, Storage Wars, debuted on the A&E network on December 1, 2010, and comprised of 12 episodes. Each episode saw Weiss and other buyers engaged in competitive bidding for storage lockers in the hopes that they would be able to find something valuable inside and make a profit.

Some of the other buyers include Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, Dave Hester, and Darrel Sheets. Weiss spent a total of four years on the show during which he was known as The Collector. He later bade farewell to the franchise after the conclusion of the 4th season in 2013. Weiss’ departure led to several theories as to why he left. He, however, made it clear that nothing untoward necessitated his decision and that he voluntarily left while the ovation was loudest.

It seems that Barry Weiss was telling the truth about his departure being amiable as he has gotten two spin-offs since leaving Storage Wars. The first was Barry’d Treasure (2014) which followed him and a bunch of his pals as they travel around the United States looking for rare antiques and collectibles. The second was Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back (2015) in which he and current Storage Wars member, Kenney Crossley, give their thoughts on past Storage Wars episodes.

The Collector Has Built An Enviable Net Worth Over The Decades

Barry Weiss
Barry in one of his classic cars: image source


Barry Weiss’ net worth is estimated to be $10 million. Although he must have made significant sums from Storage Wars, it does not seem to be the major contributor to his net worth. Barry has been a business magnate for many years from which he built his net worth.

The Storage Wars star used to co-manage a family business ‘Northern Produce’ which deals with fruits and vegetable importation and exportation alongside his brother, Joey Weiss. He was in the business for many years and undoubtedly garnered some wealth from it.

With regard to how he spends his fortune, Weiss reportedly owns an intimidating collection of cars worth about $500,000. His car collection reportedly includes a 1946 Cowboy Cadillac and a vintage Beatnik Ford, each costing between $10,000 and $50,000. He also owns a deluxe home worth almost $2 million in the pricey Laughing Park in Los Angeles, California.

Much Of Barry Weiss’ Personal Life Remains A Mystery

Barry Weiss used to be a married man but his marriage ended a long time ago before he came to the limelight, such that there is scarcely any information on the marriage. His ex-wife’s identity, as well as the reason for their separation, also remains a mystery.

Weiss has never said anything about his former wife and divorce to the media. The only thing he has managed to not avoid speaking about is his two children from his previous marriage, Julie and Jack, who are now adults. He also has a grandson named Oliver, born in 2015.

For over three decades now, the Storage Wars star has remained without a wife. Owing to his long years of singlehood, many had claimed that Weiss is gay. But this is viewed as just a rumor as he once mentioned having a girlfriend, although he didn’t say anything about her identity.

The 2019 Road Accident that Nearly Cost Him His Life

Barry Weiss
Barry Weiss And His Motorcycle: Image Source

Upon concluding his second spin-off in the Storage Wars franchise, Barry Weiss continued with his collectibles passion and living on his own terms. He basically resumed his self-described professional slacker lifestyle until a close shave with death.

In April 2019, the reality TV star and one of his pals, named Jamie, were riding their bikes in the Los Feliz area of California when they collided with the back of a vehicle. Jamie walked away with a broken knee, as well as broken wrists and elbows, while the older Weiss sustained leg and chest trauma. He spent a few days in the ICU unit before completing his recovery a few weeks later.

Barry Weiss Is Thriving With Sherwood Valley

Weiss is now back on his feet and is forging on with his life. He also scored a deal as the ambassador and spokesperson of Sherwood Valley Casino in June 2019. Sherwood Valley Casino is a 24/7 Native American casino located in northern California. It boasts of over 200 games machines as well as a restaurant and other attractive features.

In announcing the marketing agreement, Sherwood Valley executives described Weiss as a charismatic individual and great communicator and expressed their joy in working with him. The reality TV star in turn described the casino as a glorious refuge for visitors from all walks of life. It is not known how much the Sherwood Valley deal will pay Weiss but it should be substantial seeing as he will feature in print, TV, radio, and outdoor ads for the establishment. He will also do PR and online activities for them.


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