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American business mogul and valuables collector, Barry Weiss became popular for his role on the A&E reality television show, Storage Wars which first aired on December 1, 2010. The show turned out a hit, shooting most of its cast members, including Weiss to the global limelight.

On Storage Wars, Barry Weiss played a main role of himself as one of the auction bidders/buyers who went by the nickname, “The Collector”. He was very popular for appearing for auctions in fancy cars, wearing skeleton gloves and west coast chopper glasses. He was also fond of shamelessly employing weird and ludicrous means to beat his fellow bidders during auctions. His eccentric character earned him considerable popularity on the show.

Weiss, however, appeared on Storage Wars only for four seasons spanning between 2010 and 2015. Since then, fans of the show which is in its 12th season, have been keen to know his whereabouts as well as other information about him outside the show, including his personal affairs.

Barry Weiss of Storage Wars Biography

Outside the television screen, Barry Weis has remained a mystery personality, with anyone not having any clue about his basic bio data, including his date and place of birth, parents, education and so on.

Howbeit, it is known that Barry Weiss started accumulating antiques as a teenager, precisely at the age of 15. Since then, he has been amassing valuables ranging from vintage and custom-made automobiles to artifacts and other collectibles. He subsequently ventured into the auction business, making quite a handsome buck from the sell-offs.

Weiss’ outstanding physical features include his completely grey hair, brown eyes, and a fit body build with a height of almost 6 feet. His favorite hobby is traveling the world.

Does He Have a Wife?

Barry Weiss used to be a married man but his marriage ended a long time ago before he came to the limelight, such that there is scarcely any information on the union. His ex-wife’s identity, as well as the reason for their separation, also remains a mystery.

Weiss has never said anything about it to the media. The only thing he has managed to not avoid speaking about is his two children from his previous marriage, Julie and Jack, who are now grown-ups. He also has a grandson named Oliver, born in 2015.

For over three decades now, the Storage Wars star has remained without a wife. Owing to his long years of singlehood, many had claimed that Weiss is gay. But this is false as he once mentioned having a girlfriend, although he didn’t say anything about her identity.

Net Worth

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The exact figure of Barry Weiss’ net worth is not yet available, but it is said to be around half a million dollars. Although he must have made significant sums from Storage Wars, it does not seem to be the major contributor to his net worth. Barry has been a business magnate for many years from which he built his net worth.

In addition to his income from his businesses, Weiss who is an avid car and antique collector has amassed assets worth millions of dollars. He reportedly owns an intimidating collection of cars worth about $500,000. His car collection reportedly includes a 1946 Cowboy Cadillac and a vintage Beatnik Ford, each costing between $10,000 and $50,000. He also owns a deluxe home worth almost $2 million on the pricey Laughing Park in Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, Barry used to co-manage a family business ‘Northern Produce’ which deals on fruits and vegetable importation and exportation alongside his brother, Joey Weiss. He was in the business for so many years and must have also garnered some wealth from it back then.

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What Happened To Him?

After Barry Weiss abruptly left the Storage Wars show, many were plunged into wondering what exactly happened to him. Did he die? Oh, not at all. Barry is still very much alive and sound. He rather left the show voluntarily to continue with his freelance collection business, living on his own terms; what he describes as being a “professional slacker”.

Weiss once revealed in an interview after leaving Storage Wars that the series was a very interesting experience for him. He also made it clear that nothing went wrong that caused him to leave the show. He said he just wanted to leave when the ovation was still high. He also hinted he’d love to star in another reality show that involves motor racing.

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