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Social media has provided a platform where people from all walks of life can showcase their God-given talents without having to go through the hassle of appealing to an entertainment executive. This is exactly what happened for an ordinary guy like Blake Wilson who turned into a star overnight with the aid of a Batman mask, a beautiful family, and a smartphone. He started the Batdad series as a joke but later developed it into a full-time career.

Today, Batdad is a known influencer on social media who appears in a Batman costume, helping his kids with their daily chores like going to school, eating up their food as well as dressing them up. The internet sensation brings a sense of humor into these activities by amusing them while they accomplish their day to day tasks. Read on to get the inside gist on his personal and professional life.

5 Things You Need To Know About Batdad

1. Family

Batdad is a married man. He has been the husband of his wife Jen for quite a long while but their wedding date is, however, not public knowledge. The couple resides in Roswell, Georgia with their four children; Taylor, Kayla, and twins Ben and Sierra, who all feature in his videos as major characters.

Though their union has lasted for a long time, Wilson and Jen’s marriage recently hit the rocks as confirmed by Batdad himself when he announced his separation from his wife. The announcement, which was made via social media, caused a lot of displeasure among fans and the general public who have come to love their work together.

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Though their separation was officially accomplished in March 2019, the couple still needs to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their children as they will continue co-parenting them.

2. Net Worth

Blake Wilson is doing well with his Batdad character, which earns him a good living. The internet star has been earning an income from Youtube as a result of his over 650,000 subscribers and millions of daily views. In addition, Batdad has his website where he sells merchandise which has been equally successful.

A combination of all his efforts on the internet, including endorsement and personal sponsorship has made him a rich guy with over $250,000 in net worth. He currently drives a Chevrolet Tahoe as well as an SUV which he acquired from General Motors.

3. The Origin of Batdad

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The Batdad character is an idea that became a reality on August 1st, 2013. It happened while the family was out shopping when Wilson invested $10 in a batman mask which he saw in the toys department. He proceeded to wear it as soon as they got into the car and subsequently recorded himself as he played with his kids under the identity of Batdad. When he made the decision to share the funny videos on Vine, Wilson never knew that it would give rise to an online career that will endure for years.

4. He has Published a Book

Apart from his social media work, the internet star has gone ahead to release a book titled BatDad: A Parody, which is focused on his fictional character.

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5. Career Achievements

Blake Wilson’s social media identity as Batdad took off on the 1st of August 2013 when he shared three vines which wasted no time in gathering an unexpected number of views. Before the channel was shot down, his account had over 3.5 million followers. Even Wilson himself didn’t expect the phenomenon to last that long, he expected that it might disappear under the constant pressure of fresh content on the internet. However, his expectations did not come to pass even with the shutting down of the Vine app.

His survival after vine was largely due to the fact that Batdad already had a large community on other social media platforms like Facebook, where he is a sensation with over 7.5 million likes and his major page with the Batdad and Family Program on that particular site having more than 1.5 million in following. Wilson’s Instagram account is also closely followed with over 1.4 million fans while he has garnered more than 650,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

All his videos always feature him playing the role of Batdad in his car while he takes care of his children alongside his wife. Their uploads are not just funny, but also influential as many other parents have been inspired to cultivate a similar relationship with their kids.

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